Edric Yeo   Singapore
Favourite Quotes:
"Pain demands to be felt"
"Hardened hearts never get broken"

Favourite Good Songs:
No Game No Life Ed (Oracion)
No Game No Life OP
Konomi Suzuki Music

Discord Server:

Online: Pretty Obvious
Away: Duh...
Busy: I'm busy
Offline: Either my internet crashed, I broke my table or I'm sleeping
Looking to Trade/Play: I nvr bother about this

-Personal Info-

-I'm an Avid TF2 Gamer, as you can tell by my profile 3500+ hours,
I'm shit, usually called trash by most

Main: Pyro *But I'm Trash*
Secondary: Soldier
Tertiary: Scout, Demo, Medic

Favourite Anime (Movie): Kimi No Na Wa

Platforms I play on :

-Xbox 360 : SPARTAN_117_YJR
-Steam: Spartan-117

-If you profile is private or you have no friends/groups in common you will be just be ignored

- I live by this rule, never trust anyone no matter how close they seem. People are at their true nature, selfish, self-centered, they'll look out for themselves before anything else. What you see isn't the real them. People have three faces, one side they show to the public, one side they show to their friends and family, another that only they can see.

Never Forget - 29th October 2015, where the flare gun went M.I.A
Never Forget - 17th December 2015 where the pyro died in line of duty

Best Quotes:
fwishy: i sexually identify as fish
C^ • §קåȑțåñ117 •: oh btw fwish
fwishy: fuck you

Clashe: Thanks bby

"if i had a penny everytime spartan reflects my rockets, i can buy a fucking audi r8"

roo roo chewy : 8:18 PM - Patch: spartan is drugs but actually good

LANSHADY: sorry fam, we are planning on adding drugs in the team

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3,895 hrs on record
last played on Aug 13
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last played on Jul 29
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lvl30 wizard Aug 9 @ 11:26am 
Maybe You Should Try Not To Smoke And Stop Smoking And Maybe You Can Stop Being A Cunt :D
Fading Memories Aug 9 @ 11:25am 
One day you'll be better than drugs.Keep improving ^.^
LimeTime! Aug 7 @ 5:47am 
nvm can't add you
LimeTime! Aug 7 @ 5:47am 
hello, I added for lessons on pyro. If you still do that anymore I would be happy to start or pay anytime.
!!! america til end of august Jul 31 @ 12:59am 
!!! america til end of august Jul 29 @ 10:28pm 
11:32 p.m. Spartan117.: I think drugs is better at pyro than me