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I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a comment on my profile if you are adding me and I have not played with you a lot, otherwise I might assume you are a scammer and not accept.

UGC HL S9: Starting Pyro of /sTG\ (Steel)
UGC HL S10: Starting Scout of Low Fives (Silver)
UGC HL S11: Starting Scout of JUST CAALM DOWN (Silver)
UGC HL S13: Starting Sniper and Founder of Panda Boat Rescue (Silver)
UGC HL S13: Allstar Sniper (Silver)
UGC HL S14: Starting Sniper of '92 Dream Team (Gold) (1st Place!)
UGC HL S14: Allstar Sniper (Gold)
UGC HL S15: Starting Sniper of '92 Dream Team (Platinum)
UGC HL S16: Starting Sniper of eHarmony eSports (Platinum)
UGC HL S17: Starting Sniper and Leader of '92 Dream Team (Platinum)
UGC HL S18: Starting Sniper and Leader of '92 Dream Team (Platinum)
UGC HL S19: Starting Sniper of Chill Penguins (Platinum)
UGC HL S21: Starting Sniper of DOOR (Platinum)
UGC HL S23: Starting Sniper of Kids Next Door (Platinum) (2nd Place)

ESEA-O S19: Starting Scout of Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast
ESEA-O S20: Starting Scout of Smug Drugglers
ESEA-O S22: Starting Scout of Kawaii Sexu Desu Desu
ESEA-IM S23: Starting Scout of The Pound
ESEA-IM S24: Starting Scout of Ape Escape
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That boy ain't right
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Team Fortress 2
14 8
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last played on Feb 19
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Styles ✿ Feb 16 @ 10:17am 
The pug champ player himself.
Bum Feb 12 @ 8:09am 
are you lft since tacosalad died
BomberBoss Feb 11 @ 8:44am 
we both seem to have cucumbers...
Sad Spelled backwards is ''das'' and das not good :D
basil Feb 8 @ 7:08am 
Vro, Neil💪 Armstrong 💪 was the first 🥇man 👨 on the moon 🇺🇸🌚. Neil 🅰️ spelled backwards, is 👾🅰️lieN👾 😱🤤😵😱. What if we were really just sending him back 🤔🤔🤔😥🤔🤔🤔🤔. 😪Stay woke fam 😲💯💯
dx lft hl sniper Feb 2 @ 11:38am 
added for mentoring