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Laika   Sweden
  Fox lover   

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( Nauts players: I usually have the in-game chat disabled. I may be unable to see or respond to anything
you write in-game. Apologies. Feel free to use the receptacle below if you wish to communicate something.)
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YungGoat 24 feb om 11:12vm 
My gf ;<]
14 feb om 1:37vm 
sorry if I didn't happy valentine's you last year, and pretend I'll do it next year
bitter 13 feb om 4:23nm 
happy valentine's day, space admiral laika ^_^ ♥
zeg685 1 feb om 6:21nm 
Paulo! 31 jan om 7:28vm 
Pavlov has returned!
Chupp4 Jo3 26 jan om 5:56vm 
+rep is bae