Concept and Texture Artist, and professional slacker
Freelance artist by day, superhero by night. Hit me up on my blog for my work. Feel free to browse my mods in the Steam Workshop as well.

I will NOT accept random friend requests.
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Please do NOT add me to your friends list unless I personally know you. You will be ignored and then blocked if you keep it up. If you have a question that you absolutely need to ask, please leave it in the comments below and I'll try to answer them if I have time.

Or if you're here just because I pissed you off in Dark Souls or something, please keep the to yourself.

Community Contributions

- 1st Place Winner of Facepunch's Retro Futuristic Modding Competition []
- Contributor for TF2 Emporium 2013 Halloween Special []
- Top 30 Finalist for Dark Souls 2 U.S. Shield Contest from Namco Bandai
- Contributor for TF2 Emporium 2015 Halloween Special - Workshop of Horrors []

List of Accepted Workshop Contributions


- Uldorak's Hide Bundle []
- Tickled Tegu []

Team Fortress 2

- Huo Long Heater []
- Human Cannonball []
- RoBro 3000 []
- Chief Constable []
- Quäckenbirdt []
- Raven's Visage []

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JaxDrumm Jul 24 @ 9:04pm 
The evidence of love Jul 3 @ 3:18am 
Give me some greetings.

As soon as I started, I ran and jumped and I was scared and ran away.
BereLL & Fritadinha Mar 15 @ 3:11pm 
Royze Corput Jan 15 @ 10:25am 
H-Hey! hello! look sir i wanna say something to you and for the contributors of the hat "Human Cannoball".

the hat? it`s awesome, it`s like you can go anywhere with that hat, and you will never EVER lose it! it`s hilarious, and cool. BUT! on my point of view.... there`s something.... something very important that the hat needs, and that`s very SIMPLE..... the hat needs to be paintable, and before you start saying:

NO! it`s not original!
The hat haves Team Spirit!

think! how cool will be the hat on colors like Black or White?? or Green Lime!, cause you know the tryhards always wanna get atention xD (no offense to tryhards), but what if we want a complete yellow or pink set? yellow it`s my favorite color, and there`s only 2 ways of get the color on the hat, AN UNUSUAL, and that`s not very comfortable for some people, aaaand..... the hat will get more and more famous! jaja.
Bokehmon Dec 28, 2016 @ 8:06am 
Well, as a fellow artist (retoucher, althought not at professional level yet), can I add you friend?
Mr.Bubbles Oct 15, 2016 @ 3:29pm 
git good kiddo
only won because skill....not