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It was 6v1 and I still had them outnumbered.
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☆Ƨqυiяяєl♫ Nov 16 @ 11:26am 
Sara, there are times; I envy you.
[FoRcE]army_guy3 Nov 15 @ 4:02am 
Luke skyrunner on the I.K.S. Enterprise!
Data Nov 14 @ 9:25pm trek?
[FoRcE]army_guy3 Nov 14 @ 3:24am 
Anyways.. I'm just trying to be friendly I really like your unique account Identification page's comments. sorry Did I just get blood all over you? Really sorry this chainsaw is quite messy at times. I don't go out much because of zombies and antelope. haha add me on myspace and aol we should interact more you look really credulous and amorous xxx
[FoRcE]army_guy3 Nov 14 @ 3:24am 
konichiwa, gomenasai I gazed upon your profile and I just thought you looked kawaii in your magic 0xFF 0xD8 0xFF signed joint photographic experts group photograph, I really desired to inform you of that)) It's really rare to see alien species playing video games haha ROFLCOPTERLMAOOMG POUND SIGN SHOE! I don't know why people use this copy paste message honestly im like really against witnesses escaping and like ill be the one with the flame thrower and chain saw. We should really play pong sometime its a really cool 2D overhead style vs game with a lot of room for improvement, but don't worry ill be there to point them all out to you ;) *HACK* *COUGH* sorry I just swallowed my gum and a witness just tried to get away..
INTJ Nov 12 @ 7:30am