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Simon "SnaBe" Sørensen   Fyn, Denmark
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Hey, I'm SnaBe a part time Node.js & HTML developer.
If you're adding me regarding a steam bot, comment down below.

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I sell a variety of Steam Bots and websites. I use node.js for my bots, and .json for the configs.
I use html, php and node.js for the websites, some are interactive with my Steam bots.

All my bots are easy to edit, with a user guide/setup guide for newcomers to node.js and JSON.

At the moment you can only purchase dircetly trough me, but I'm working on "Bot purchasing website"

The current payment methods are as follows;
- Bitcoin (-10% of the price)
- CS:GO Keys (No price change)
- CS:GO Items (15% Overpay)
- TF2 Keys (10% Overpay)
- TF2 Items (25% Overpay)
- H1Z1 Items (15% Overpay)

Note: I don't take PayPal!

A list of bots and prices can be found in my Steam group, just above this section!
General information
Before you add me, read this:
I don't accept unsolicited invites, leave a comment if it's urgent.
If I accept your friend request, please know that it doesn't mean I won't remove you later.
I'm often unable to write back to those that leave comments as your profile settings don't allow it.

Steam bots & buisiness:
For Steam Bot and business related questions, post a comment!
If you have ideas/requests or feedback; leave a comment on my wall, twitter or email me!
Signing & SFM posters are usually limited to donaters. Otherwise in my free giveaways.
I'd rather keep the pub experience as normal as possible. Please don't follow me into servers.

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Account created on 27th April 2013
1515+ TF2 hours
2465+ Cs:Go hours
Level 100 on Steam
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Created by - 6000 ANGRY BEES
332 ratings
SFM lags behind TF2 in getting the latest innovations in hats and hat-esque objects (and also maps I guess). Here's how to remedy that if you're impatient.
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TheKeebler Apr 22 @ 9:23pm 
Very interested in the jackpot website, please accept my friend request asap
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A bot
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Chris Mar 31 @ 5:52pm 
Do you have a bot that will sell Card Sets for CSGO Keys and Skins at 8:1?
node SnaBe.js Mar 31 @ 12:20am 
Ayy lmao