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11 hours ago
In topic defence systeem
Rockets are available on the Overview map when building out laying colonies. Although you can't see them shoot so I know where you are coming from.

Good thing is the developers are still adding more content, we've just had Content Drop 3 on PC and 2 on Consoles I believe.
18 hours ago
In topic Tutorial?
Pop over to my channel for playthroughs :-)
Feb 22 @ 4:06am
In topic SPEED
Regarding issues, 512 map is usualy generated / loaded within max 20-30 seconds.

New game having hilly terrain and many lakes makes it harder for landscape generator as it's more difficult to find the best spot.

I know the developer has been working on improving this, but this maybe the reason why it is slower to load on your system.
Feb 21 @ 9:53am
In topic Suggestion: Charge Loan Fees
Originally posted by Havan_IronOak:
Originally posted by Kevin:
Feel free to write a mod to handle that.

I dont like having to deal with the loan at all, its not interesting to me.

Just don't try to push your "reality" off on me.

If it were in the game, you could just run the no-costs mod, no? I'm not interested in pushing anything off on anyone. But I would like the game to be as realistic as possible.

But in realaity there are numerous ways to secure funding, one way is like what it is in game and that is you pay off interest only, you still have the outstanding amount of the loan which you would need to pay off additionally. The way the company makes cash off you is if you're not able to pay more than the interest, so the longer you take to pay back the loan amount means the more interest they earn.

Large finance deals are often done like this and not the typical consumer level of finance which you depict in your example.

They are usually called Bridging Loans for example.

Maybe an option for alternative methods to include various methods of finance would bring more of a balance to the game, but I doubt there will be any core game changes at this stage to this particular area, so perhaps the MOD route would be a better option. I know there is the Pork Barrel and a few others already out there, might be worth taking a closer look if the current options are not sufficient for your style.
Feb 20 @ 10:58am
In topic Steam Workshop not showing mods/assets
Working fine here on UK London server, it's always worth trying an alternative steam server in case one is down for maintunance or has an issue, usually they go off around midnight UK time here for a few seconds/minutes to switch servers and run a backup script (guess).
Feb 20 @ 7:03am
In topic Can’t open settings.lua
You don't have to download it, you already have this file on your PC, all you need to do is edit it within Notepad on a PC.


Search for and edit the following line in settings.lua file which should be in your steam files

experimentalMapSizes = false, -> experimentalMapSizes = true,
Might be worth posting this across on the support pages too as it might be something they can put on their list to investigate and perhaps improve..
Feb 18 @ 8:22am
In topic Game wont start anymore
Verify integrity of game files first...

Also try with no mods installed
Feb 18 @ 8:20am
In topic CONTEST RULES: Challenge Map Competition
Just shared this out on my Live Stream, if I get back up and running soon enough, I might have a go myself for the bragging rights... :colonistf1: :colonistm2: :steammocking:
Feb 16 @ 2:17pm
In topic Content Drop 3 is now live!
Originally posted by Paul T:
Also, FYI, we'll be announcing a little contest tomorrow related to the 3 new challenge maps ... stay tuned for details!

Sounds intriguing, will have to keep an eye out for that...
Feb 16 @ 12:28pm
In topic Content Drop 3 is now live!
I look forward to this upon my return to record more series soon :-)
Feb 16 @ 5:06am
In topic Trainz A New Era (TANE) vs TPF
Totally different types of games, you'd be better off comparing Trainz vs Train Simulator or Train Sim World.
Feb 12 @ 4:07pm
In topic Finnished the campaign - now what?
Play sandbox?
Feb 12 @ 10:53am
In topic Anymore content in development/planned?
Performance Patch is Beta next month, beyond that I can't tell you, unless you want me to kill you.... no seriously though, I just can't..... sorry.
Feb 12 @ 10:52am
In topic Rename AI or AI Companys?
There is no AI in this game that you play against if that's what you mean....
1. Larger maps are on workshop, you just need to enable "Experimental Sizes" in the settings.lua file

2. AI and Multiplayer have been discurssed so many times, it's not coming, I'd prefer a search system on steam that people used.

3. There areother modded factories, so not sure if something like that could be modded into them perhaps, but not seen it.

4. I think the majority of people will find it sufficient to have resources the way they are, although it would be interesting and more challenging I suspect it will just stay the same and never run out. Personally I like it the way it is, because my style of play is more sandbox - making a model railway.

5. Again maps are on workshop without inducstries and there are industry mods where you can place them where you want giving you the freedom.

6. This probably could do with a little work, but again, plenty of really good maps on the workshop made by fans which is great. There are also mods to put down Forests, Farm Fields and Rivers.

Hope this helps..
Feb 10 @ 10:28am
In topic Multiplayer?
Originally posted by chrisasnyder:
Originally posted by [WaW:
Neighbor Kid]Alright nay sayer.. Its called LAN... Dedicated hosts...

Right, and the first thing that happens is these dedicated serves are hacked with mods to enable some select players to cheat (I remember well the early days of MoH). It's this reason the only viable MP gameplay is hosted by the company to ensure fair play (or try to).

I suspect the number of people willing to have a LAN party to play TpF is pretty small.

You can do peer to peer with one person hosting for their friends.

But as I said, subject is mute as the developer said very early on they won't be supporting it in this version of the game, but never ruled it out in future titles....

What I would like to see on steam is some way to search forums and read all the similar posts on the subject :P (Not a dig at you btw)... lol
Feb 7 @ 3:11am
In topic Cargo configuration mod?
In the depots you can setup vehicles to carry certain things, if they have multiple compartments you can select various ones, but you are restricted to sticking to these, they can't dynamically take say four types and load to full of one type.

As far as I know there isn't a mod for this either...
Originally posted by geneomead:
Can't you select/restrict vehicles to carry only a specific item?

Only at the depot, not enroute or at a station... It doesn't bother me to be honest as if you want it to pick up multiple items you can leave it unselected.

I know for certain things it's not realistic, but you can always find work arounds...
Feb 6 @ 3:46pm
In topic Any competitors
You can have plenty of fun in full sandbox mode:
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