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A levelup service
Bot Commands:
!help - Shows all the current commands.
!buy [amount of keys] - In order to buy sets for an X amount of keys.
!buyany [amount of keys] - The bot will sell you any sets that it has in stock.
!check - Checks how many sets you can buy in total (The amount of sets the bot owns of which you have not crafted a level 5 badge yet).
!check [amount of keys] - If you want to know how many sets you can buy for a specific amount of keys.
!level [desired level] - Calculates how many sets and keys it takes to reach a certain level (doesn't go above 1000).

Selling Card Sets:
!sell - In order to sell sets to the bot (Only works for a few people).
!sellcheck - Checks how many sets you can sell to the bot.

Anyone wanting to sell card sets can contact the Bot Owner

Bot Information:
How can I buy keys without the 7 day trade hold?
We suggest you buy your keys from OPSkins [ opskins.com ] to avoid the 7 day market trade hold.

Can I craft badges for games I don't own?

Will I receive sets that I already have crafted?
No, the bot will check what sets you have crafted already and only give you sets that you don't
However, you can type !buyany [amount of keys], which allows you to buy any of the sets that the
bot has in stock.
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
Leveling Service for Keys! *rates may vary on changing frequently*

Accepted Keys:

Winter Offensive Case Key [opskins.com]

Spectrum Case Key [opskins.com]

Operation Phoenix Case Key [opskins.com]

Huntsman Case Key [opskins.com]

Operation Breakout Case Key [opskins.com]

Operation Vanguard Case Key [opskins.com]

Chroma Case Key [opskins.com]

Chroma 2 Case Key [opskins.com]

Chroma 3 Case Key [opskins.com]

Falchion Case Key [opskins.com]

Shadow Case Key [opskins.com]

Revolver Case Key [opskins.com]

Operation Wildfire Case Key [opskins.com]

Gamma Case Key [opskins.com]

Gamma 2 Case Key [opskins.com]

Glove Case Key [opskins.com]

Operation Hydra Case Key [opskins.com]

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