Rank: Master Sargent
Position: "Sky"Pointman
1st Division Battalion "Howling Thunder"
Belief: Anti-Brony
Call Sign: “Blitz”
Birth Name - ███████████
Age - 2.58 dog years
Height - 2.7 ft.
Weight - 52.1 kg
Eye Color - bright gold flecked with amber
Average Speed (foot) - 29 to 35 mph
Average Speed (flight) - 170 to 240 mph while diving
Current Guardians - Deceased
Description (human observations) - Blitz appears to be from the dog family tree of Canis Lupus Arctos, although his species is wolf, his appendages on his back--determined as wings--tells that he is not an ordinary wolf by physical description. The term Lupus Alatus has been coined by the Dr.█████ who was to examine his physique. Due to the fact that Blitz’s main body is of wolf he was given the word traditional word Lupus. The wings that are on his back relate to the word Alatus, or flight.
The fur of the subject is of light grey coloration with brighter golden hues mixed with it. Gold hues are found more prominent on the sections such as: wings, sides, muzzle, and tail.
Blitz is very sentient and is much more knowledgeable than the average canine. Being able to solve complex mazes, responding to questions asked easily, and is on par with human above average IQ.
A note is to be taken is that Blitz is extremely resilient to low and high amounts of electricity/electromagnetism, and can be found generating high amounts of biological voltage from his body at will. The largest amount of electricity recorded to be generated was more than one billion (1,000,000,000) volts (which is average for a high level lightning hurricane) at one moment. Occurrences like this are very rare and quick. But do to the fact that the subject can generate high voltage instantaneously all metallic items and electrical devices, including wrist watches and jewelry, must be removed before interacting with Blitz. It is required to wear heavy grade tesla armor, heavy duty work gloves, ear protection, goggles, and rubber soled boots to prevent major injury and/or death.
The wings of the subject have a wingspan of five (5) feet two (2) inches each, although seeming very unproportional, are able to produce flight and can be seen to be used as “limbs” to grab objects by rolling his wing upon an object to pick it up. Like common birds Blitz has been seen to “preen” his feathers and maintain good condition of his wings. Blitz has two methods of flight. His first is very normal for bird species; this involves flapping his wings vertically to sustain altitude then angling his wings to go in his liking. But his other method is very intriguing. Blitz has been able to use and concentrate biological electricity to form a static aura around his wings that allows him to hover in place without flapping a feather. It is theorized that he uses brief but intense static charges that rapidly disperses small forces that propels his body upward to keep himself airborne. Blitz has also been seen to be able to control these burst of static to gain and lose altitude at will. He will disperse substantial amounts of static to propel himself in any direction in a form of a dash.
Blitz has been seen to use his bioelectricity for conjuring a defensive energy barrier known as a static shield. His static shield is not indestructible and is destroyable. Blitz must charge up his shield for no less than forty (40) seconds first before using in combat, and must spend one (1) minute charging a replacement shield. The damage that would be dealt to Blitz when he has his shield active is nullified, but the force that the damage would create would knock him much farther than usual. The amount of damage the barrier can sustain is equivalent to an EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) armor plating used for bomb disposal/disarmament squads.
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