Rui Tomé   Lisboa, Portugal
Welcome to my profile. Here you can find a lot of stuff about me!

I have the best waifu: ♥ Jamie Peter Stratford ♥

Disclamer section:
I'm known by my strong and rash attitude: usually I'm joking. Usually.
If I offended you in any way: I'll feel free to not give a shit. Other than that, I love everyone.
If you want to comment on my profile, think twice. Many fools fell into the trap before.
I usually add everyone that sends me a friend request, so If you want to play with me feel free to send one :)

General Info:

Alias: skner
Age: 20
Been here since: 25/12/2009
Time wasted playing: 465days total (15.9% of my average year)
Games I don't suck at: Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Awesomenauts and PUBG

Tournament achievements that i'm proud of:

Counter Strike:
4th at Lan ESAC 2013 - CS 1.6
5th at Lan ESAC 2014 - CSGO
4th at Lan ESAC 2015 - CSGO
3rd Group Stage LGW Asus Rog 2014 - CSGO
1st at Log On Daily CSGO Tournament League #2
3rd at Log On Daily CSGO Tournament League #4

4th ALWB King of Frogs 2016

What i do:

I love trying out stuff, but here's what i do:
- Motion graphics
- Video Editing
- Map design
- Casting
- Coding
- Product Manager
And much more, but these are just the main ones.
I'm also the founder and guy at eSportsProTips

What I've done:

I was the COO at Phantoms eSports, a top portuguese esports organization.
I've helped with a lot of Awesomenauts tournaments. I was in charge of all video production and motion graphics design for Warzone Weekly and Awesome Brawl. This means stream overlays, videos and commercials. I've also created similiar content for Awesomenauts Rumble and ALWB.
I've casted multiple CS:GO Games in English and Portuguese, i've also casted games on many Awesomenauts Events.

What I'm doing:

Studying Computer Science and Business Management at ISCTE - University.
Working on various side projects, unrevealed for now.


Monitor: BenQ XL2411Z
Cpu: Intel Core™ i5 4690 3.50GHz
Graphics card: NVIDIAGeForce GTX 750 TI
Ram: 8Gbs
Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei
Mousepad: SteelSeries QcK+ CS:GO Camo Edition
Keyboard: uRage XX113728
Headset: Steelseries Siberia 200
Internet: SpeedTest []

Game Configurations:

CSGO Launch Options : "-noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -noforcemparms -full -novid -nojoy -noborder -high -threads 4 -freq 144 -tickrate 128 +mat_vignette_enable 0 -w 1280 -h 1024"

PUBG Launch Options : "-malloc=system +mat_antialias 0 window -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 -novid -high +Vt_maxPPF=16 -force-feature-level-11-0"

Config Files:

Past Teams:
CS 1.6 - Exotic, iART Gaming, Keep On Rolling, GamingFever.
CS:GO - Schroed, Devil-Lions, GamingFever.
Awesomenauts - PT, Get Juked, Pounce

Gay quotes and stuff:

"This is my life. I want no other." - Some book I don't remember the name of
"What good is love and peace on earth... if it's exclusive?" - Green Day - Troubled Times
"Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody is gonna die." - Morty
"Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude." - Anne Frank
"If seeing is believing, then believe that we've lost our eyes." - Manchester Orchestra - I Can Barely Breathe
“If you don't say what you think then you kill your unborn self.” - Jordan B. Peterson

skner's TrashBin 2014-2016 ;'(

"If you're ever feeling down have a listen":
Currently Online
Memorable Chat Box
15:43 - skner: the music
15:43 - skner: is so bad
15:43 - ReaLL ™ LFT: lol
15:44 - ReaLL ™ LFT: i don't like the jazz you listen to, and you don't ear my saying it's shit
15:44 - ReaLL ™ LFT: BTW its total shit tbh
15:44 - skner: uuuuuh
<19:29:36> "ReaLL™": steel is the best IGL
<19:30:06> "skner": Will skner care about that? Who knows find out next week!
<19:30:09> "skner": Spoiler
<19:30:11> "skner": i dont give two fucks
<19:30:18> "skner": WOW WHAT A TWIST
<03:05:49> "Tempas": if she wants to do it 3 times a day
<03:05:54> "Tempas": that shit must get old
<03:05:58> "Tempas": you'll get blue balls
<03:06:20> "Asparagus?": testicular cancer after all that suckin
01:12 - the wind: sorry about being grumpy, it was 7am and i still half drunk/hadnt been to sleep
19:48 - Pasha: theres a guy called bloody diarrhea
19:48 - Pasha: at 0:26
19:48 - Pasha: dunno if that's okay but
19:48 - Pasha: just poitning it out
19:48 - Pasha: pointing*
22:09 - GJ bOdy_hUnter_PT: k
22:09 - skner: winter's coming again
22:09 - GJ bOdy_hUnter_PT: k
22:10 - skner: brrrr
17:15 - ♪ skner: jk ill be right there bby
17:15 - ♪ skner: get the lube out
17:17 - Tempas: nah we're doing it dry
<14:35:15> "ℱℓσω": being toxic
<14:35:17> "ℱℓσω": is so fun
<14:35:17> "ℱℓσω": tbh
<14:35:26> "Jambo": why, what are u doing
<14:35:28> "ℱℓσω": i msged body hunter with
<14:35:32> "ℱℓσω": "atleast now u got a chance"
00:32 - skner LFT: but yea i get it
00:32 - skner LFT: you're kinda right
00:32 - MrPillow: ofc im right
00:32 - MrPillow: im mr goddamn pillow
01:47 - N00bz0id3: constança e' facil
01:47 - N00bz0id3: gosto de gajas dificeis
01:45 - ♪ skner: ai naum
01:47 - N00bz0id3: ahahahahh
01:45 - ♪ skner: silvio would be proud
01:47 - N00bz0id3: AHAHAHAHAHAHAH
00:45 - ReaLL ™: k
00:45 - ♪ skner: brrr
00:45 - ♪ skner: body bit u didnt he
00:45 - ♪ skner: you're sick too!
00:46 - ♪ skner: dont worry man, ill get an ambulance!
00:46 - ReaLL ™: nah
03:13 - Kai: bleyt
03:13 - ♪ skner: oh its a rap video
03:13 - ♪ skner: yea
03:13 - ♪ skner: kill yourself
03:13 - Kai: aysgasgyusaguagygyausagy
body and skner casting 101:
body and skner casting 102:
14:50 - ReaLL™ LFT: lmao
14:50 - ReaLL™ LFT: rust esport
14:50 - ReaLL™ LFT: well
14:50 - ReaLL™ LFT: enough internet for today
14:51 - ReaLL™ LFT is now Offline.
22:58 - MetaYondaime: I'm going to Ronimo company and give them a finger in their ass
22:57 - ♪ skner: they need more than that
22:57 - ♪ skner: tbf
22:57 - ♪ skner: they need a fucking spanking
22:57 - ♪ skner: XD
22:58 - MetaYondaime: more fingers
22:57 - ♪ skner: LOL
22:57 - ♪ skner: just fist them dude
22:58 - MetaYondaime: I'm not gay man
22:58 - MetaYondaime: erection is in loading too and can't join the reality
22:57 - ♪ skner: LMAO
Uberransy: i try to be the cocaine caster
00:28 - ♪ skner: mah friend
00:28 - ♪ skner: pubg?
00:28 - Jambo: yes but give me like 5 minutes to finish...
Jambo in a nutshell:
Discallow in a nutshell:
02:43 - ♪ skner: come ts dude, lets play cs
02:45 - bOdy_hUnter_PT: nah
02:45 - bOdy_hUnter_PT: sry for the winters
02:45 - bOdy_hUnter_PT is now Offline.
02:47 - KeyboardSpartan: no more google glass for wallhacker
02:47 - KeyboardSpartan: google nose
02:48 - ♪ skner: you gotta step up man
02:48 - ♪ skner: 144hz monitor isnt enough to get the upperhand anymore
02:48 - KeyboardSpartan: i got shit peripherals everyones ahead
bodyhunter hitting on a girl (girl #4)
skner: dude what happened to girl #1?
bodyhunter: every pussy is welcomed
[2:08 AM] Tempas: nah nah he fucked a panda
[2:12 AM] Tempas: when i walked in she was sucking his dick
[2:12 AM] Tempas: i was like
[2:12 AM] Tempas: what the fuck
[2:12 AM] Tempas: and walked out
*talking about destroy dick december*
bodyhunter: no what? im not gonna wank 10 times on the 10th
skner: what about 30 times on the 30th
bodyhunter: well get ready to jizz dust
skner: what does pubg stand for jimbo?
Jambo: punch umbrellas, break glue.
skner: creativity distinction eh?
Jambo: i used to have a sick doppler knife
skner: oh you did? what happened, u sold it?
Jambo: nah, i coinflipped it
skner: u coinflipped it. of course.
skner is now Offline
Jambo says some weird shit
skner: What substances have you been inhaling dude..
Jambo: awesomenauts
skner and ReaLL finish a CSGO wingman match.
skner: I'm off, gonna go for now. Go with Body Hunter, make it Bring your Son to Work Day.
ReaLL: Well, fair enough. Let's go body.
BodyHunter: What? No i'm watching cloud9.
ReaLL: LMAO. So you choose Clown9 VS Faze over Wingman with dad? K
jelly in a nutshell:
16:57 - skner: playing cs > watching cs
16:59 - bOdy_hUnter_PT: i like it
16:57 - skner: u sad twat
16:59 - bOdy_hUnter_PT: some watch porn
16:59 - bOdy_hUnter_PT: others DO the porn
16:57 - skner: flawless logic. you sir won the argument
tempas: i gotta hide this letter somewhere
skner: try under your monitor. nobody goes there
tempas: nah ill hide it on my condom drawer
Tempas: if i were to put you up with some easy slash, would you do it?
Workshop Showcase
Hello there, and welcome to the Bullion Workshop Page. This map is my entry to the reddit + Mapcore CSGO Mapping Contest, and i hope you enjoy it.


Bullion Inc. is a project held by the government to revamp an old factory into a brand new one,
Created by - sknar and ReaLL ™

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