David P.   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
"You can't stop, when surf is all you've got."
"I don't want to start winning, I just want to go back to surf."

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Case : NZXT H440
Power Supply : Corsair 650w Modular
OS : Windows 10
Motherboard : ASUS Maximus VIII
CPU : Intel i7-6700k
Memory : 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengence
Hard Drive : 5x 256 GB Samsung SSD
Video Card : GEFORCE GTX EVGA 1080
Headphones : Sennheiser HD 518
Monitor 1 : AOC G2460Pqu 144hz
Monitor 2 : AOC E2460Pqu 60hz
Mouse : Zowie fk1
Mousepad : Overclocker XXXL
Keyboard : Pok3r

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18/11/13 : Ranked 1 UK surf
06/12/13 : Joined KSFClan
14/12/14 : Unboxed M9 Vanilla
05/02/15 : 1 Shot surf_lt_omnific
03/09/15 : Ranked Global Elite
24/10/15 : Unboxed Bayonet Doppler
08/04/16 : Joined Nightmare Surf

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8,825 Hours played
Counter Strike: Source, when I first bought it I thought it would have more gun variety but instead I'm met with some pathetic guns that sound so unrealistic and look like plastic, I know this was made in 2010 but come on, we had the technology to import guns from real life or at least get some good model designers to make it.

Another problem I had with this worthless game is that there is no Iron-Sights, this was one of the biggest things I expect from my first person shooter games but again I was met with disapointment that I am unable to make my 720 quick-scope.

I was also horribly brutalized by the enemy because I couldn't hide behind a rock and wait for some strawberry jelly to slide off my screen as I got shot, my health didn't regenerate, I mean, what the hell is with that. I expect from modern shooters for my health to regenerate and clearly the developers who blatently are trying to make a bad Call Of Duty rip off couldn't even be bothered to do this.

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