Developer/Owner @ Magnum Network. (Re-Opening soon)

Full time retard.

Servers i'v staff'ed on.
Nitro RP.
Rusty Cutlass.
Own network (11+ avg PB, 3 month up-time).
And a shitty sandbox network that died after 6 months of avg PB 12-14.
Magnum Network (Founder/Owner) ( Currently closed )
Gentleman Gaming Society (
FMC Network.
Arma 3:
Ran my own Aerial Combat server which had avg PB of 3-8.
GTA 5:
Australian RP server (demoted) (still running).
Nep Nep anime shit minigame sick dank network, amazing server had a strong 30-40 playerbase sometimes and only got respected before resigning, for IRL shit, definaitly one of the funnest cs:go servers out there for minigames/bhoping.
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Ben Mar 13 @ 10:32pm 
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Sid Mar 13 @ 5:20am my main account xoxoxo
Mr. Clean Mar 8 @ 11:49pm 
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Side Mar 7 @ 11:37pm 
Haha alright thanks for warning.
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