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You can find me here:
Moment of Glory #387
Sideshow shouting me out [oddshot.tv]
Moment of Glory #390
Moment of Glory #411
Voices | Community fragmovie
drift - tf2 frag video
ALIVE - a TF2 fragmovie
FOTW - frags of the week #1 Sheipsmee
Moment of Glory #430
Top 10 TF2 plays - May 2016 #1

1st place UGC steel highlander s18
3rd place ETF2L mid 6s s24 preseason cup mid
1st place UGC gold 6s s21
1st place ETF2L high highlander s12 preseason cup

Zesty: You should play more mge on spire. Because if you add 5 you'll be Shpeeisme69

Shpeeisme64 : diplomatt?
Diplomatt : that is me
Olgha : it's him
shoras : that is him indeed

19:26 - milky22: yed
19:26 - milky22: Yed
19:26 - milky22: yrs
19:26 - milky22: yes

16 keyboard warrior :^) : Praise the lord
EquaL : sure, sec

16:03 - ωρ Sweglin.: I feel like putting playcomp.tf in my name.
16:03 - ωρ Sweglin.: I don't know why.
16:03 - ωρ Shpeeisme: lol
16:04 - ωρ Sweglin.: We should do it
16:04 - ωρ Sweglin.: It feels right.
16:04 - ωρ Sweglin.: xD
16:05 - ωρ Sweglin. has changed their name to ωρ Sweglin. | Playcomp.tf.
16:05 - ωρ Sweglin. | Playcomp.tf: xD
16:05 - ωρ Sweglin. | Playcomp.tf: Now it feels stupid

есть плоть капит� : who is i blame capitalism
i blame capitalism : the voice of the working people

Chiefdog: This is feel..
Chiefdog: No I mean this weirds feel.

POV got requested :3
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