Luke   Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

So this is what you think you need
To play the game
A pretty royal flush
Of second hand fame
For proof of excellence
For critical acclaim
Aloof preeminence
Preceding your pen name
Clichés of violence
And off mark blame
Some character flaws
To masticate the shame
Sex in a dress in a wide array
Sex in a suit, hello, happy birthday
Mark my words
It's never what you thought
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LUL TILT mousepad
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Mionix Castor
400 dpi 2.2 in game
500 polling rate
18.6 in per 360

Comp history

UGC steel season 17 Need a dispenser here
UGC steel season 18 Squanto sqaud (2nd place)
UGC iron season 19 TRL (team died)
UGC steel season 20 APP LOLHL (Kumori killed the team)
UGC steel season 20 (later half) The Nutshack
UGC steel season 21 Seductive Nine (backup)

UGC silver season 20 APP
UGC silver season 21 APP Reborn
UGC silver season 22 Poor Boy Revolution
UGC silver season 23 Lard Gaming
ESEA open season 24 The Rundown (backup)
ESEA open season 25 Monkey Business

UGC silver season 7 Fallout 4 is bad
UGC silver season 8 Fallout 4 is bad
UGC gold season 10 Lost Hopes and Dreams of Bernie.

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Poets of the Fall - Public Group
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Makka carry

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DrDanny Apr 15 @ 11:01pm 
I smelt something about ten minutes ago, a strange smell. It gave a hint of sweat, I checked around and found you. You sir, are the sweatiest fucking trthard! Ruining my hoovy experience, how dare you! I was handing the sniper a sandwich and you fucking wm1 me for no reason. I cried for ten minutes straight for how mean you were!!! Goodbye tryhard!
👌Ferbo the Pizza Man👌 Mar 28 @ 7:37am 
Thought maybe you could introduce me to some of the ins and outs of competitive tf2
ChaseDuck Mar 26 @ 7:52pm 
added for scout spot on esea team
Creation Mar 22 @ 2:21pm 
+rep mad 50 kills in lobby 6v6 wp dude
Quartz Feb 21 @ 11:18am 
(∩◔益◔)⊃━☆゚.*qυαsнε∂ вү qυαятz(∩◔益◔)⊃━☆゚.*
_Markuz_ Feb 15 @ 5:06pm