Shining Star
Cheezus: ok
Cheezus: i need you to follow 3 rules
Cheezus: always
Cheezus: like the 10 commandments
Cheezus: but its the 3 cheezmandments
Cheezus: 1. only heal 6s classes
Cheezus: 2. no demoknights
Cheezus: 3. cheezus #1 priority
Cheezus: yes? yes
Shining Star: k
Cheezus: good work
Cheezus: youre making your way to become a plat gamer
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ily ;c
swaggar Nov 17 @ 4:46pm 
typical weeb snowflake.
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Readded, need ringers for scrims
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hi, you're cute, I love you >w<
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lol fag... im not jealous of u or anything xDD