Grandmaster Stranger
I am a whole-hearted Christian. Jesus is my Lord and my King, my Savior and Protector, my Guide and Potter.
"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."

I am a derp.

Let's countinue a trend.


xspyrez: but creep...
xspyrez: i need support from a martian lvl expert in this dangerous wasteland.
CяeeP: I can't, I'm working rn :(
xspyrez: dang.
CяeeP: and i don't have it installed
xspyrez: oh.
CяeeP: i need to clean my hard drive or buy a new one
xspyrez: even martian hard drives can get overloaded?
CяeeP: Yeah.
CяeeP: Your earthling games have a lot of storage requirements
xspyrez: XD
CяeeP: :P
xspyrez: can i put that on my wall?
CяeeP: #YOLO


xspyrez: creep i have a question.
CяeeP: I have an answer
xspyrez: ...oh
xspyrez: well
xspyrez: how are martian children born?
CяeeP: Eggs
xspyrez: are they born within humans? cuz if yes im scared ._.
CяeeP: It's kinda like this
CяeeP: except the martian tendril sticks out the butt while youre sleeping and lays the eggs under the mattress to incubate
CяeeP: then when it hatches it has food when the human goes to sleep
CяeeP: Yeah... not proud of my childhood
xspyrez: ...
xspyrez: oh.
CяeeP: lol


xspyrez: hello is this gaming central??
xspyrez: are you like gamestop 2.0?
xspyrez: if so
xspyrez: i would like to order Uncharted 4
GamingCentral360: no dis is patrick
xspyrez: o.
xspyrez: *calls again*
xspyrez: is dis gaming central?
GamingCentral360: no this is patrick.
xspyrez: ...*calls again*
xspyrez: is dis gaming central?
GamingCentral360: NO THIS IS PATRICK *Slams phone*
GamingCentral360: Im not a gaming central -.-
xspyrez: pootis: central,dats the name of the store.
xspyrez: central?
xspyrez: rip.
xspyrez: ....
xspyrez: mkai i guess i gotta hide the evidence
xspyrez: *puts gaming in a bag*
GamingCentral360: xD


The Sharpshooter: would u look at the time?
ThePootisHeavy: its 9:43 PM
ThePootisHeavy: why
The Sharpshooter: ...
The Sharpshooter: wel-...umm..
The Sharpshooter: oh....
ThePootisHeavy: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The Sharpshooter: have you ever heard of..
The Sharpshooter: HIGH NOON?!
ThePootisHeavy: but its closer to midnight than noon
ThePootisHeavy: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The Sharpshooter: ...
The Sharpshooter: oh.


The Sharpshooter: creep i have a question
The Sharpshooter: is polka dot a color or a sound?
CяeeP: neither
The Sharpshooter: ...o
CяeeP: type of pattern
The Sharpshooter: omg much wisdom
The Sharpshooter: would visit martian schools again
CяeeP: learn dat wikipedia dog
The Sharpshooter: martians binge on wikipedia aswell? XD
CяeeP: yup
CяeeP: :P


The Sharpshooter: Rez: Ok...
The Sharpshooter: I have an idea to prevent this, also..
The Sharpshooter: Come with me.*I walk to the bathroom, and point at the mirror.*
The Sharpshooter: This, our saving grace.
Kakacarrotcake: ..
Kakacarrotcake: *Grabs mirror,
Kakacarrotcake: okay lets find this nigga
The Sharpshooter: (XD)

The Mysterious Stranger: tell me if this sounds like a magic spell
The Mysterious Stranger: Road Retorno
Kakacarrotcake: ..
Kakacarrotcake: eee
Kakacarrotcake: no
Kakacarrotcake: sounds like a mexican mad max movi
Kakacarrotcake: movie*
The Mysterious Stranger: XD
The Mysterious Stranger: may i put that on my wall?
The Mysterious Stranger: XD
Kakacarrotcake: sure.

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It was during the battle of poo when I was running through a Steve when a Butt went off right next to my platoon. Our Youtuber yelled for us to pooping to the nearest alley we could find. When we got to the alley we Stabed to start a fire. As we were starting the fire the enemy saw the knife from the fire and started killed Pigeons at us. we all quickly ducked behind the bob at the alley and returned fire. we quickly eliminated the enemy and were Mad that we had won the battle.
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I would prefer if she knew how to cook, clean, and wash my Dem White Boys.
I know I'm not very attractive in my picture, it was taken 420 days ago, and I have since become more Humongous.