Shim ÒwÓ
My zone   California, United States
I like to main scout and sniper

Zootopia was a better movie than Batman vs. Superman

UGC Higlander-Season 7(Steel div)-Spam O' Rama-Sniper
UGC Higlander-Season 8(Steel div)-Kool Kidz-Scout
UGC Highlander-Season 10 (Iron div)-Friendly Fire-Sniper
UGC Highlander-Season 19 (Steel div)-Post Apocalyptic Heroes-I played most of the classes but was assigned to heavy in the end.
UGC Highlander-Season 20 (Steel div)-Blackjack & Hookers-Scout
UGC 6's-Season 22 (Steel div)-All Chill No Skill-Roamer
UGC 6's-Season 23 (Silver div)-Shim WOW!-Scout
UGC Highlander-Season 21 (Silver div)-Blackjack & Hookers-Scout

While it is acceptable for you to cease what you desire, it would be in great preference if you did not attempt to rattle my bones.

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My furry OC don't steal plz xd
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Serial Experiment Dan 🎃 Oct 14 @ 5:31pm 
oh ye
Souris™ Sep 23 @ 1:50am 
Save him
Bear Boy~ ❤❤❤ Sep 21 @ 12:20pm 
*Sings at you* La la laaaaa ❤️ :3c
Spoopy Pink Deer Sep 19 @ 1:00pm 
B gone thot
reeka Sep 10 @ 2:51pm 
Hey it's AethWolf's dad (Elon Musk) here and I was wondering if you wanted to be one of our lead developers for the next leading and undetected TF2 cheat (cringeware)? If so please respond back to me and we can get started right away.
ken Aug 29 @ 3:16pm 
fluffy boy uwu