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The Music Cabinet (WIP)
:bonfire2:A showcase for good music I ocasionally like to share, enjoy.:bonfire2:

:cassette: The Randomizer Radio - Last changed: March 22nd

:tape: The Cassette Player - Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack

:bc_tape: The Full House: A list of my personal best of the best. []
:exclamationPointRed:Updated March 22nd, 12 new songs 1 new soundtrack.:exclamationPointRed:

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tsu Feb 22 @ 10:31am 
ill still mess with Etika
tsu Jan 19 @ 3:58pm 
ooooooof sorry im dumb jokes go right over my head! x.x
Pat Jan 19 @ 3:00pm 
Sorry for the confusion, hehe.
Pat Jan 19 @ 2:59pm 
Glad you're doing fine too of course.
Pat Jan 19 @ 2:59pm 
Eh? No your friend in the comments was freaking out so I was just having a joke response back is all, lol. Thanks though.
tsu Jan 19 @ 2:41pm 
yeah homie im good! hbu