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Lukavac, Federation of Bosnia and Herzego, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Welcome to my profile.My name is Blu3 Lambda but you can call me Blu3 or Bwu3 if you like i'm 24 years old human who likes to enjoy music,talking to friends and play games and sometimes enjoying outside.I'm very kind,shy and sometimes scared and i can be silent sometimes but still can talk hehe so enjoy your stay.

My OC Info

Name: Blue Lambda
Age: 24
Gender: M
Home: Kanto


Blue Lambda is one kind and friendy human he enjoys enjoying nature and listening to relaxing music.He often spends time with his friends and sometimes enjoys being with his Pokemons.

He was born and raised in Celurean city He met some new friends there and in Hoenn and enjoyed to be with them.

friendly and lewdie sister
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Have a wonderful weekend, my dear little friend.
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Have a supernal weekend.
cure: thank chu! c:
♥Seaculla♥ Jun 9 @ 2:33pm 

Sankyuu my dear! Have a good weekend you too.

Have a nice weekend!~ <3
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Have a keen weekend, my dear friend.