Shadow Dcord
Ontario, Canada
Favorite Steam Games:

Smite: Battleground of the gods, pirates, anime girls, and famous dead guys.
Skyrim: Let me guess. Someone stole your sweet roll?
Armello: No one gets off RNGesus' wild ride.

Non-Steam Games

Word of Warcraft: Ishnu'alah weary taveller.
Overwatch: No aim, no game, I'm a Hanzo main!
Heroes of the Storm: PANDA POWER!
Minecraft: Blocks R Us
Town of Salem (Classic Version): Just hang in there...

Favorite Game Quotes:

"Time for a celebration! Cheese, for everyone!" - Sheogorath
"I am already dead, so when I am killed, what am I then? More dead? Deader? Alive?" - Leoric
"I think I've made improvements... to your face." - Torbjörn
"Tick tock!" - Chronos
"For some, the journey is the destination." - Chen Stormstout

Other Stuff:

Battle Tag: Shadow#17666
Reddit: ShadowDcord
Discord: ShadowDcord #7044
Minecraft: Shadow_Dcord
Will only accept friend requests from people who don't have private accounts and have nothing terribly offensive on their profile.
I will remove you if you get angry easily or you act toxic.

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