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War Pig, Front Runner, Outback Intellectual, Red-Tape Recorder, Marxman, Deadliest Duckling, Coffin Kit, Wraith Wrap, Bat Outta Hell, Master Mind, Cut Throat Concierge, Cloud Crasher, Tyurtlenek, Wet Works, Delinquent's Down Vest, Hornblower, Falconer, Belgian Detective, Hive Minder, Borscht Belt, Various Keys, Cuban Bristle Crisis, Bullet Buzz, Heavy Lifter, Gone Commando, The B.A.S.E Jumper, Screamin' Eagle, Cold Snap Coat, Double Dynamite, Cop Caller, Conagher's Combover, Holstered Heaters, Pocket Momma, Clubsy The Seal, Little Bundle of Joy, The Panic Attack, Duck Billed Hatypus, Arkham Cowl, The Skullcap, and the Gauzed Gaze.

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eVo x salty Sep 14 @ 8:58am 
how do u have that many self made thats lit
Hello there. I wanted to do a video on your "Fumigator" weapon for the Pyro. Added to Discuss.
HotWater250 Sep 3 @ 6:04am 
Sorry, accidently friended you, was meant to follow you.
imitatsiya Sep 1 @ 12:53pm 
envoyer des armes nucléaires
Pyrocrastinator Aug 25 @ 10:35pm 
Thank you for making the wraith wrap.
DeadNexus_ Aug 25 @ 6:06pm 
Sorry to disturb your work Zobot, you must be really busy with Frontline and your own work. I just wanted to ask if you could be interested in making a cosmetic in the style that fits 20th century pop culture.

Why you may ask. I dropped a community project idea a few days ago and it grew bigger and bigger really fast. Some great content creators are already showing their support and I was wondering if you also could help out. With a few cosmetics we can show many people what they can expect. There is no haste of course.

Contact me if you want to :)