Hunter   Saint Peter, Minnesota, United States
Current song obsession. [11/17/2017]

"Ever lose hours of sleep?"
"I'm prepared to lose a few with you."
When they have a nice picture and add them for ERP only to read their profile shortly after.

You have my ear, citizen.
Oh no, a VAC ban, run!

Army Basic Training
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Bravo Company 2nd Battalion 10th Infantry Regiment
Week 8 out of 9 (plus 4 days)
Chapter 5-11 (EPTS) --> Chapter 7-17 (FE)
Uncharacterised Discharge

"I don't believe it. That video games make people violent."
"Then what does?"
"Other people."

"Efficiency is clever laziness."
My slave.
Traps ARE gay.
YOU are probably going to have to message ME first now, as I play games.
Being rudely blunt: If you delete me because we never talked, that is your own fault.

You wanna scan that, Alice?

I'm an excellent pianist. I finger minors perfectly.

Who's been drawing dicks?

ZF Edberg singing.
Sides crippled. []
Nya []
How I got VAC-banned is at the bottom.
Cheeki Breeki []

Every dollar spent on the war on drugs is a dollar not spent domesticating catgirls for human ownership.

Fenyr. []

When it fires~ []

<3 <3
<3 <3
<3 <3
<3 <3

Laura, kawaiiiii~! []

When I say stop, I mean stop. Same applies to "No.".
Punishable by deletion.
Spidey sense. []

[Real-life Info]
Name: Hunter "Daniel" Woodrum-Wilson
Age: Not that it should matter, 17.
Birthday: 03/02 (March 2nd)

How did I get a VAC ban? I gave myself a year of Double XP on CoD: MW3.
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Motherboard: ASUS ROG Rampage V Extreme
CPU: Intel i7-6850K 6-Core 12-Thread 3.6GHz
CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H100i V2 Extreme Performance Liquid
GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 980
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4x8GB (32GB) 3000MHz DDR4
Case: Obsidian Series 750D ATX Full Tower Airflow Edition
PSU: ThermalTake Toughpower Grand 1050W Platinum
Storage: 1x1TB SSD, 1x2TB HDD
OS: Windows 10Pro 64bit


Monitor: 1xASUS 1920x1080 60Hz, 1xEmachines 1280x720 60Hz?
Mouse: Razer Ouroboros
Headset: HyperX Cloud II
Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2015

"I'd rather be the hell off this rock, sir!" ~Lacey from Arma 3

Me: Statistically speaking, 9 out of 10 people like gang rape.

Me: Hello erection my close friend
Me: I've come to relieve you once again

Me: I'm tired but I wanna stay up.
Me: What do I do?
Friend: go to sleep with an erection
Friend: that way
Friend: you go to bed
Friend: and stay up
Friend: at the same time

Friend: my son
Friend: you must never forget
Friend: ass.

Friend: If it cums, I can fuck it.

Friend: the first fuking shot
Friend: out of every fucking one killed my general for fucks sake
Me: Sucks for you,
Friend: no it sucks for them couse now i am pissed off they will all die i will slater them all their will be no prisoners the women childeren the men all will die beforre me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friend: i will cut all their body parts off and mount the heads on stakjes
Friend: and i will pore hot oil all over them so their flesh melts off whell their alive
Me: Ooooook
Friend: sheash hunter control your anger

Me: RIP Japanese fishing boaters [] that got caught in the Castle Bravo [] explosion.
Friend: 8) nuked japan three times
Me: omfg

Me: I will mount you.
Friend: Now that's the kind of greeting I like.

Me: Kinda unstable though
Friend: meh, I got a lot of experience with unstable games
Friend: I'm playing an ubisoft game, for instance
Me: lmao

Friend: I like putting the babies in, not seeing them come out.

Friend: As many hearts as the number of sperm you'll be pumping into me
Friend: c:
^same friend as above^
Friend: Imagine if, every time you came one of your big, hot and virile loads into me, it just forced more and more sperm into each of my already over-fertilized eggs.
Me: fudctvrnjkyuxzfcjvdnuxzvtdknl7vtrauzkzlnutverd
Friend: c;
Friend: Hundreds of sperm forced into each egg, forcing them to swell to hold all of it~ Forcing me to take all of your pups DNA~
Me: I'm gonna go Offline, dammit

Friend: But my raging boner isn't a meme :c
^same friend as above^
Friend: Well, rip my dick off and post it to your wall then
Friend: It has seen worse places
^same friend as above^
(we were talking about weebs and furries in Germany)
Friend: Hitler would have done so much good
Friend: But no
Friend: Dumb americans bomb Japan and not Germany

Me: It'd probably be better to RP when I'm in the mood :p
Friend: Idgaf
Friend: Ur gonna get your dick sucked

furfag: I'm betting my unusual scout shako that you're gay
Me: You lost
Me: I am the rare straight furry
furfag: Oh fuck

Me: You wouldn't~ You like me too much~ ;p
Friend: I hate it when people are right.
Friend: well
Friend: about how I feel anyway
Me: <3
Friend: That heart made me blush
Friend: sooo
Friend: like
Friend: fuck you?
Friend: or something.
Friend: :/
^^Same friend shortly after^^
Me: Check my Steam Profile Quote Wall at the bottom.
Friend: I WILL
Friend: LIKE
Friend: do something
Friend: I
Friend: swear!
(Talking about RP)
Me: If you're fine with probably slow and maybe not very detailed responses..
Friend: Hue
Friend: I am slow
Me: Gotta be in the mood to be fast and detailed..
Friend: pfft
Friend: fast is the thing a girl doesnt want their dood to be
Friend: dontchya kno
Me: boi

Friend: If senty was a sub
Friend: Would that make him a Subwoofer
Me: Please die.

A Random: Are you Dank Memers?
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Senti#9789 Nov 17 @ 4:01pm 
tf lmao
[Furs] Merrick Nov 17 @ 3:42pm 
I'm gonna give myself a year of double XP 'cause I'm shit at games and need all the help I can get. Maybe next time I'll aimbot, that sounds like SO much fun. In fact, why don't I just pay a few hundred to have someone create a bot that plays the game for me.
Gnome Tasty Nov 5 @ 6:29am 
whats going on lmao
Senti#9789 Nov 5 @ 1:56am 
If you say so
uh Nov 5 @ 1:53am 
that's your own fault
Senti#9789 Nov 5 @ 1:39am 
We don't even do anything, if I was pissed I would have blocked you. Words on the internet don't mean shit to me lmao