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ShNope123 | Trade.tf Mar 24 @ 2:20pm 
Hey Socks, its me agian

I was wondering How or if you could download the tankbuster set fro the engie you made for sfm?
and about my ideas, do you know anyone who is taking ideas?
bielgamer2020 Mar 24 @ 11:25am 
can you help me?
Loth Mar 23 @ 5:07pm 
Hey! Hope you don't mind the invite, I wanted to ask a couple things about modeling projects, asked donhonk, he directed me here. have a nice day
Frenchie Mar 21 @ 11:44am 
hey please accept
✨SedimentarySocks✨ Mar 20 @ 4:27am 
Im not really sure what to else to say, if it's rigged to the legs it should only move when they move. If the arms are influencing it you need to double check the weighting.
JCTheAllStar31 Mar 19 @ 8:48pm 
I tried what you suggested, it only ended up moving the coat tails whenever the legs or arms moved. I only want it to move when the legs move. I need a more detailed explanation.