3D modeler, texturer and all things inbetween.   United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Please don't add me unless you know me or if it's for work related reasons (if so tell me what it is exactly). Leave a comment as to why you're adding me.

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2143435 Feb 19 @ 1:21pm 
Hey, can you accept my friend request?
The Salty one Feb 18 @ 8:08pm 
I'd believe it if this person was secretly a valve employee, he/she has made almost all of the hardcore/well known items in the game. 55 self-made quality items.. gg
N+ Feb 18 @ 1:10am 
that mge thingy is awesome
Hi! just wanted to talk about one of your mods (the suited demoman) it appears to be broken for me.
BirdiniK Feb 14 @ 8:36am 
you're really cool and make good mods thats why i add you.:steamhappy:
Hi i wrote a comment before (2 comments under) where i wrote my request so could you accept please