scrambled - back on august 2nd
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
( ° ʖ °) It’s time ( ° ʖ °)
don't be afraid to put water in your cereal

Bejcn: leave it to scrambled to shitpost on a heavy rec post within 5 mins of it opening
Bloodis: Only took him 2 hours to shitpost again after he got unbanned, tut tut

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When being a child, Bruce Wayne had witnessed
with his own eyes the fact his parents of millio-
naire were killed cruelly, so affected his strong
desire of revenging his parents. However, God
had never given him a chance to fulfill his will.
Following the advice of Ra\'s Al-Ghul, the chief
of Ninja Group, Bruce come to Gete, which was
a corrupted city filled with various crime groups.
Bruce found a basement under his villa, in which
the equipments turned him into another person:
Spiderman. With this mask, Spiderman stroke all
criminal activates and criminals everywhere, such
as Tougon, the chief of Mafia, Doctor Jackstraw,
the abnormal drug trafficker, even a mysterious
opponents quite familiar with him-----
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My Heavy
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Unnecessary Ego Wall
I have a lot of time idle in tf2, I've never reset my stats so check my achievement progress to see my playtime without the hours I've left my pc on with tf2 in the background.

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I upload POVs and fun things to my YouTube
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ETF2L Season 12 High - Opeen_Squad, 3rd Place
UGC Season 23 Platinum - Opeen_Squad, 4th Place
ETF2L Season 11 High - Opeen_Squad Multiclass Sub/Mentor, 2nd Place
ETF2L Season 10 Premiership - TC Ambition week 1. The Bureau week 6 onwards, 3rd Place
UGC HL Season 18 Silver - PK's Unnamed Highlander Team (fun team)
ETF2L Season 9 High - The Bureau week 1 - 5
UGC HL Season 17 Platinum - ( ° ʖ °) It's time ( ° ʖ °)
ETF2L HL Nations Cup #4 - Scotland
UGC HL Season 16 Gold - The Agency, 3rd Place
for like 2 weeks - The Agency
ETF2L HL Season 8 Mid - The Agency
UGC HL Season 15 Steel - The Agency, 2nd Place

Ex-Leader and Founder of PK's Unnamed Highlander Team []
Ex-Leader and Founder of ( ° ʖ °) It's time ( ° ʖ °) []
Ex-Leader of The Bureau []
Ex-Leader and Founder of The Agency

Configs I made
Heavy Config [] Toggle fire + quick switching off of gru/fos
Medic Config [] Chris' medic config + pseudorandom voicelines.

My Setup
Mouse: Roline WinBest 4D+
Mousemat: Widowmaker Softhip
Keyboard: Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 5
Headphones: Tritton AX720 7.1 Surround
Monitor: JVC LT-19DD42J

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Favorite Group
Best heavies in the world.
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Mclane 👮 Jul 5 @ 2:47am 
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this is: The POLICE
stop resisting
raf, don't touch, thanks Jul 1 @ 2:39pm 
Why did you cry after failstabbing me? Not everybody has to be good at video games, don't worry. You got 1:0'd, it's fine, there's no need to cry anymore
Genzarata Jun 23 @ 4:50am 
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ?~Meaning Of A Lick~?
*Lick on the Tail: Will you be my mate?
*Lick on the Ear: I think you are cute!
*Lick on the Stomach/Belly: I'm ready
*Lick on the Forehead: For comfort
*Lick on the Paw: You're my everything
*Lick below the Chin: I like you
*Lick on the Nose: I love you
*Lick on the Neck: We belong together
*Lick on the Shoulder: I want you
*Lick on the Chest: I love the feeling of you in me
*Lick on the Lips: I need you
*Lick on the Back: For fun!
*Lick on the Cheek: I missed you
*Lick on the Tongue: Ultimate expression for love <3
sissou Jun 18 @ 11:22am 
added to offer on ur aussie
Added to buy your australium professional killstreak rocket launcher
-[EVIL]- Pepsi Jun 14 @ 8:40am 
I love you and Extrasolar's vids, they are spicy. Also you are best Heavy Main.