im a dog btw
actually grt
best trade notes NA

gg guys, gg.

I give hats to players with no hats (everyone deserves a hat)

I swear if another person adds me asking for a hat im gonna fuck a pickle. It's for unexpecting players, as I say, gimmes never get.

hats given out: 7

Unusuals owned:40

Unusuals i'm most proud of: peace sign coupe (first unusual)
Bubbling demoman's fro (enabled me to buy my first bud)
Flies soldier's stash (I just fucking loved it)
Bubbling Team captain (first god tier hat)
Sunbeams Bonk Boy (first god tier hat and effect)
Sunbeams tyrant x2 (It's just fucking sexy)
Sunbeams Honcho 1 of 2 on the market
Purple energy Bakers Boy (Star_'s hat)

I also give advice for unusual trading and feel free to ask me for price checks.

Things that will lead me to remove you from my friends list:
Asking me for free items
Using "you're rich why does one little item matter" you have no idea how many times people say that bullshit to me.
Asking for trade-backs for whatever the fuck reason because you didn't think before you traded and thought some item was clean even though it clearly shows the item dirty on outpost.
Overusing the "I give free unusual price checks" privelage.
Asking me if you should do a trade or not
Being vague about what sweets you want ("idk hats or metals or stuff")
Being an asshole

G.E.C. Scout 2012: hey
G.E.C. Scout 2012: how may i help you
Superman: hi
Superman: u sell bill?
G.E.C. Scout 2012: yes
G.E.C. Scout 2012: 8 keys and 1.77
Superman: for 18$?
Superman: steam money
G.E.C. Scout 2012: how do you transfew
G.E.C. Scout 2012: steam funds
Superman: as usual
G.E.C. Scout 2012: usual?
Superman transferred to your account $17.99. The transfer will be completed after the exchange.
G.E.C. Scout 2012: LOL
Superman had asked to trade with you, but has cancelled their request.
Superman is now Offline.

If you don't get it, he was trying to scam me. You can't transfer steam funds.

G.E.C. Scout 2012 B>keys $1.60: are you
G.E.C. Scout 2012 B>keys $1.60: mynigga
GunnerLord™: no

Goals in trading:
Get blue donator rank on outpost. DONE
Own an unusual. DONE
Own an earbud. DONE
Help out new traders. DONE (always doing of course)
Own more than 5 earbuds. DONE
Own 3 or more unusuals.DONE
Own 10 earbuds at once. DONE
Buy a Hat of undeniable wealth and respect. DONE
Own a sunbeams hat. DONE
Own an unusual misc hat. DONE
Own an unusual all class hat. DONE


gbcc | G.E.C. éclaireur 2012: Hey
gbcc | G.E.C. éclaireur 2012: How may I help you
Die de los Muertos: i want to buy keys
gbcc | G.E.C. éclaireur 2012: How many would you like?
Die de los Muertos: how many left
gbcc | G.E.C. éclaireur 2012: 21
Die de los Muertos: 1.8$?
gbcc | G.E.C. éclaireur 2012: Each, yes
Die de los Muertos: Whos giving 1st
gbcc | G.E.C. éclaireur 2012: Depends, do you have rep?
Die de los Muertos: In my steam. My friend told me u selling
gbcc | G.E.C. éclaireur 2012: Any out of steam rep?
Die de los Muertos: no im telling u i didnt found u on website my friend told me
gbcc | G.E.C. éclaireur 2012: Here's my rep
gbcc | G.E.C. éclaireur 2012: Ok, would you be ok with going first then?
Die de los Muertos: no i wont risk real money for pixels...
gbcc | G.E.C. éclaireur 2012: Alright then, sorry. I have rep that surpasses any of yours so I wouldn't be comfortable going first.
Die de los Muertos: Scammer bye bye
Die de los Muertos is now Offline.
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