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Jul 3 @ 7:08pm
In topic Thanks for participating in the beta!
Thank you for letting us test out the game ahead of time, looking forward to the release!
Jul 2 @ 11:00am
In topic I encountered a "DivideByZeroException"
Yeah that happens if you add cards to your deck when you already hit 0.
Jul 1 @ 5:40pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
I agree Mickmane, I loved the vibe of the first game, and I wanted more of the single player campaign. More characters, more opponents, more cards, more locations. I would gladly pay full price for DLC so I could (hint hint Ludosity). I gotta get around to playing Psycard (it's on mobile, not on Steam unfortunately), since based on the screenshots I've seen, it looks like it has much more of the same type of art and vibe that CCN1 had. Considering how many cards are in CCN2 already from that game, I kinda gotta sooner rather than later!

We've all been talking about the competitive balance, and I agree with you, that's important for the game's lasting success. I agree also though, that the fun of building a deck with nothing but fishbuns and turnips will be fun, even if it isn't viable. I've made a few decks of specific types for the lulz, and had fun doing it. Are they competitive? Nah. Are they fun? Sure. Given what content is in front of us right now though, really the big focus feels primarily like bug fixes and balance. Of course the music is great. Of course the core gameplay is great. Of course all the flavor text is great. We're looking at a game which will be tons of fun from day 1. What I hope we are succeeding to do though, is make sure this isn't a 9/10 game, that it is instead a 10/10.
Jul 1 @ 2:07pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Originally posted by .pxl | Haku:
Potato is a card everyone thinks is OP - but I don't want to change the card itself. I really just like the idea of the players throwing potatoes at eachother too much to change it. But I guess I could remove it as a card that can be added to your deck and buff Fasen somehow... Oh, how about something like "Resolve: Add 4 potato cards to the bottom of your deck" on Fasen, that way you have a deck that wants to get to fatigue as quickly as possible, because that's when the final strike happens! =O

I like the idea of throwing potatoes at each-other too. Currently, Fasen is an extremely weak card. It is effectively "deal 2 damage to your opponent eventually". Taking Pitch and Catstrike as an example, if does that immediately upon resolve AND it has more arrows. Adding 4 potatoes to the bottom of your deck is cool (and powerful), but most "force to fatigue" decks currently rely on adding cards to your own deck. So it's not about hitting your opponent hard, it's about simply outlasting them. Does this mean that a Fasen which adds 4 potatoes to the bottom of your deck wouldn't belong? I don't know. It is certainly an interesting idea, and I think it is certainly worth a try.

My first instinct originally would be to give Fasen more arrows; leave his effect as-is but make him have hmmm...5 arrows? Comparing him to Pitch and Catstrike, you are sacrificing the ability to deal damage immediately to gain two entire arrows for chaining and ease of use. I also by the way, would be all for removing potatoes from the game as something you can by default put in your deck.

Originally posted by Matmor:
Trick I just discovered: Passel, RR, DS - you can play Disillusioned Snakes forever (or until the opponent fatigues or until the board is clogged up). Also, none of the opponent's cards can resolve while you're playing the Snakes.

When I first saw Disillusioned Snake when I was last tweaking my "no arrows" deck, I really felt like I wanted to make it work, but I just wasn't seeing it. This is a strong combo, but what I've learned in this game is that building around one combo alone is not feasible, unless there are multiple ways to apply it. In my experience, having several ways for certain cards to "pop" are the key. So what makes your combo strong is that you don't even have to have those three cards to make a good combo. You can do other things which are also pretty good, but if you get those three cards together? Woo-wee it's gonna be a fun time. What you can do is extremely powerful, but Rainbow Ring and Passel work with many other cards too. To allow your combo to ever occur, even rarely though seems a little...broken. Like, automatically win the game no matter what if it happens kind of broken, in the right deck of course.

I first thought maybe Disillusioned Snake might need to be nerfed (on Resolve vs on Placement), but I'm concerned that the snake isn't the issue here, that it is instead Rainbow Ring or Passel. This combo is clearly powerful, but is Disillusioned Snake too powerful as-is? I'm not sure.
Jul 1 @ 12:31am
In topic New unbeatable deck? Mass sustain
I tried to make a shutdown deck after the first patch here. The one I had before the patch would fatigue out the enemy by stomping on the opponent's cards much-like yours seems to do, but I wasn't able to replicate it this time around. Where yours keeps the opponent from acting, mine just takes whatever they throw at me. I like how they satisfy the same purpose but with different approaches.
Jun 30 @ 11:47pm
In topic New unbeatable deck? Mass sustain
So this deck is simple, boring to play, boring to play against, and it basically makes you a bad person if you play it; but I am more or less certain that it is ACTUALLY unbeatable, maybe, MAYBE except for in a King and Queen deck if it works just right.'s the deck!

Tosca x1
Tosca X x1
Rainbow Ring x1
Portal World x1
Blueprint x1
Passel x1
Dark Lord X x1
Jenny Bunny X x1
Shop at Itans x2
Iji x2
Jam x2
Masked Ruby x2
Princess Remedy x2
Frallan x2
Crossover Adventure x2
Jenny Flower x2

Survive until your opponent fatigues to zero health. It's that simple. We have a ton of "add to own deck" cards, and everything else is designed to either help survive, or allow cards to activate.

So generally, you get your "add cards to deck" cards out of the way when convenient. Specifically, you want to activate Itan's Shop as early as possible to allow the wands to stagger through your deck. Cards like Iji are useful for ensuring your cards are able to easily activate. And lemme tell ya by the way, using Passel to give Iji 7 turns of activation is ridiculous.

So the name of the game is simple, stack HP, shields, and extra cards, and your opponent is guaranteed to fatigue out. Even in a King and Queen deck, if you have all the cards running active that you should, you won't be burst down by damage all at once. I can't think of a counter, since the healing is useless to your opponent, and this has almost every "add card to deck" card in the game. If you feel particularly ridiculous, you can Passel a Rainbow Ring, then throw Itan's Shop everywhere.

Unfortunately, this deck takes forever to play through, and it's not a lot of fun. Does anyone know a reasonable deck comp that can stop this?
Originally posted by matmor:
Edit: I wonder, why don't you have Tosca X in your deck? It's good if you play arrowless cards after it.

Would you believe I overlooked it? You're right, it seems like a rather obvious choice. I will try it out.
Jun 30 @ 8:04pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
I am excited for these changes! Thank you for taking our feedback into consideration and putting this update in!

My hope, what I think this update moves towards, is to remove a lot of the "goes in every deck" types of cards, and this is a huge step in that direction. I do believe control is powerful in all TCGs, and maybe in a competitive deck in CCN2 control will be mandatory, or maybe it won't; looking at this update right now I am unsure if control is necessary or not right now, and that is a great thing! I'm going to experiment right now

EDIT: Alright, so got to do a ton of experimenting, and here's what I have:

Before I go into all the cards, the game is more balanced than it was in b01 or b02. The game is getting better with every change!

Business Casual Man seems fairly balanced now. It's still good, but it's not overpowered.

Dumped X and Cyber Jenny look very well-balanced now. I use Dumped X in one deck, but not another, and that's good. I like to use Hype Snake as a method of (hopefully) allowing me to ignite it more or less when I want to. Love the sound effects when it moves.

Cyber Jenny is a pretty hardcore penalty for placement, so I think it's just about where it needs to be to be balanced. I still include it, because worst case, I am sacrificing a hand slot for a free damage, and I can drop her as a finisher if my opponent lets me have my turn with 1 health and no Princess Remedy on the board.

Speaking of Princess Remedy, I think she and Helios are balanced as-is. I use Passel in all my decks, and I think that he is actually pretty good. Overpowered? Well...I use him in all my decks. I'm just worried that bringing him down to activate on placement (like Key X) might make him too weak. I think if his delay was set to +1 instead of +2. that would bring him down to where he should be. He can't combo with cards like Business Casual Man, Princess Remedy, or Helios as well, but he is still two -free- activations. Granted of course, if you activate a good resolve effect with him, it's a drawback for the delay to be higher, but that's not what he's for! As he is right now, I feel like he is a stronger Key X, because even if I'm placing a good Resolve effect, it is oftentimes worth waiting 2 extra turns. Also, love Rainbow ring -> Passel -> Passel -> Helios. Hurt your enemy forever.

Dark Lord X is also really strong. Like, it didn't seem overpowered to me before because it was too slow; but now that a lot of really powerful cards were brought down in value, Dark Lord X is what is left at the top. Theoretically the delay for it to resolve balances it but consider this: if my opponent activates a Jenny Slayer or even any 2 damage card at a high activate number, and I'm able to drop a Dark Lord X so my card activates first, I can steal a 2 damage card, which is a 4 damage card (prevent 2 damage, cause 2 damage). This isn't even taking into account any exposed arrows you can use. And on top of that, you have versatility with it, you're never going to have just one choice. When you do this, there is also almost nothing your opponent can do about it, unless they have a Dumped X and an open up-right arrow. Even if you're not in a situation to activate after a high activation card and steal it before it resolves, you could activate Dark Lord X proactively. Suddenly your opponent's cards are poison. Sure you might be forced to steal a card that isn't of value to you, but 99% of the time you're stealing something of value. It's not a horribly ridiculously overpowered card, but it is very, very good. I think bringing it down to a single down arrow (as opposed to a single arrow would balance it by making it harder to activate. That, or maybe increasing its delay to 3. There is a dual-arrow rare that switches an opponent's card for an activate cost of 2, and one of your own (which isn't a bad card either, by the way); so it seems more or less like a fair trade, since Dark Lord X is (right now) a better card (don't need to switch one of your own cards.)

Potato is still must-have in all decks. What is really interesting to me, is I have started to think having a smaller deck on its own is actually preferred. Sometimes I get bad hands, and if my deck was smaller I would be able to better control what I might draw. So maybe I would rather have 22 cards in my deck instead of 24. So considering this, now you will give me 2 random 1 damage effects in my deck for the privilege of having a 22 card deck? Where do I get in line for more of these? Yes, fatigue definitely happens, and not having those cards hurts, but even if you're worried about fatigue, 1 potato brings you 1 step closer to fatigue, which means even if you DO reach fatigue, it equals out at this point instead of being a drawback, since you only take 1 extra damage for reaching fatigue 1 turn earlier. At 2 potato this becomes a risk, but It's still worth it to me.

Rainbow Ring is a card I love, but I don't know if anyone else does as well. I'm continuing to discover some ridiculous combos with it. One match I did this: Metonym -> Rainbow Ring (my opponent didn't endanger my Metonym by linking) -> Portal World (choose Metonym) -> Metonym -> Portal World -> Metonym. It's no more than effectively 1 damage per turn, but it allowed me to deal a lot of burn damage without linking. The combo's fine, Rainbow Ring can do other great things, like I referenced earlier Rainbow Ring -> Passel -> Passel. The very next card gets delayed 4 turns, whew. Hope my opponent doesn't switch/remove that Helios I just played. If nothing else, it's an easy way to get a little extra of what you need when you need it. It's versatile, and if you play Passel THEN Rainbow Ring, you can duplicate a card a TON! It's able to help where you need it as long as you are willing to spend a turn putting it on the field.

Portal World lets you get an extra placement benefit of any of your cards. I get that maybe you don't want to bounce a card to your hand, or you would rather be able to draw a card, but this bad boy gives you an extra turn away from fatigue if that is what you are worried about, and it has 8 arrows. It's a better Bob's Ship, that's how I see it.

Blueprint is a card I find myself using more and more. It is a more powerful super fan, as it remains conductive (even with half the arrows), AND it adds a card to your deck. A cruel thing to do is drop it where all four sides are open. Even at three open sides it will make your opponent very sad, since they can't stop whatever you might do next. Is it overpowered? No, I don't think so. But I'm keeping an eye on this one.

Like everything I'm seeing, can't wait for the full game.
I was looking at making another deck built another control, since the update made my previous build too weak (this is a good thing!) And I just don't know what to do. Some cards are still useful for getting it done, but it looks much harder. I didn't dive into it too deeply, but I like that part of this update. Was anyone else able to make one of these?

Tried a zero arrow card deck today. Not like, only those cards, since that isn't actually possible, but a focus heavily on cards like keys and Passel. I gotta say, there is something there. It isn't as powerful as decks like Business Casual Man, but there is some flare. The deck:

Passel x1 (signature card)
Key X x1 (signature card)
Jealous Chest x1 (signature card)
Rainbow Ring x1 (signature card)
Princess Remedy x2 (really overall a bit too strong of a card right now, I recommend at least making it non-conductive)
Helios x2 (same as above)
Potato x2 (belongs in absolutely every deck)
Cyber Jenny x1 (belongs in absolutely every deck)
Dumped X x1 (just so unbelievably overpowered)
Tosca x1
Dark Lord X x1
Jenny Slayer x3
Metonym x1
Pitch and Catstrike x2
Blueprint x1
Portal World x1
Masked Ruby x2

Wash-Olof belongs in this deck too, but it is bugged right now.

So the idea is using cards like Key X and Passel, you can supercharge all of the other cards. Some more conservatively-arrowed cards like Masked Ruby, Pitch and Catstrike, and Portal round out playability until you can combo. It works well. Not overpowered, but it is lots of fun!

Also, faced a mana deck, and I just don't think it is viable right now. You gotta build mana which takes too much time and effort before you deal meaningful damage. Other cards deal 2 or so damage out of the gate, but mana takes a long time to even reach that point. Also, the arrows are aggressively limited with them as well. It needs more ability to build mana it feels like, or maybe more mana cards in general.
Jun 28 @ 8:34pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
I love, LOVE the changes. The game is much more balanced, and I feel you did a great job addressing the community's concerns. We brought the power of a lot of strong decks down, which has however, revealed (or pronounced) the strengths of some other really powerful cards. Here is the deck I ran today, which was able to beat a Business Casual Man deck with a high consistency (not the deck of the poster above me):

Rainbow Ring x1
Dark Lord X x1
Cyber Jenny x1
Dumped X x1
Portal World x1
Passel x1
Cruiser Tetron x2
Final Brutus x2
Potato x2
Jenny Flower x2
Fire Mace x2
Jenny Fox x2
Helios x2
Cardplaya x2
Princess Remedy x2

What I like is that there is much nuance to playing a deck in this game. Your card choices in a match are not obvious. Here is how I play this deck.

When possible, open with Final Brutus, his big drawback is an activation of 4, but he has lots of diverse arrows, this is ideal, as he also hits like a truck. If not him, Cruiser Tetron is also a great choice.

Jenny Flower is meant to help with sustain, and also if you attach it to activate a combo and leave the up or left arrow open, that forces your opponent to block it, or let you potentially continue your combo.

Passel with Princess Remedy or Helios is super powerful, and he is also excellent with Rainbow Ring. These cards all work fine on their own too, so comboing is not necessary.

There are plenty of direct damage cards here. Placement damage is still powerful, potatoes are still very, very powerful, and cyber jenny is still an amazing choice.

This deck does excel at a Business Casual Man deck thanks to all of the control it has (three steals and a Dumped X), but I predict it would be strong against most other decks as well. Best thing about the Cardplayas, is that it is easy to throw a Fire Mace or a Jenny Fox in a corner, so you can ditch those after you got what you want out of them.

And finally, the Portal World is good for rounding out the deck with arrows, and also allows you to re-place a placement damage card.

Concerns at this stage:

Once again, unless you are dreadfully afraid of fatigue damage, no reason to not have potatoes in your deck.

Cyber Jenny is also still extremely powerful, especially if you Rainbow Ring it.

Dark Lord X is also really powerful. Not overpowered per-say, but it is a scary card, since there are some powerhouse cards that take up to 4 ticks to activate. That is plenty of time to drop a steal card to take them, which yes by the way, that is part of the danger of these cards, but Dark Lord X, even as a legendary seems too free.

Dumped X is way, way too powerful, but also I feel like you need it to deal with cards like Business Casual Man, where you can't plan for their arrival ahead of time, but you absolutely must shut them down or they will obliterate you. A fair compromise to me: Don't let Dumped X remove an active card on placement. I don't know what to do with it, but don't let it do that. Instead, include cards that can tick the opponent's cards on placement. Helios, Princess Remedy, and Business Casual Man are all currently still very powerful, and players should have a way to help deal with them immediately. But removing on placement is too much, removing on resolution is too little (even at an active 1, since sometimes you just can't have a combo ready). Having a tick on placement effect seems to me like a fair compromise. If players are concerned about the opponent not having cards that they want to tick, maybe a rare that lets you tick any card on the table on placement? On top of this, I love that you can only have 2 Business Casual Mans, but perhaps an active of 4 is too powerful? I am unsure.

This update was a huge step in the right direction, and I look forward to trying more deck types out.
Jun 27 @ 4:38pm
In topic Role Reversal in a nutshell
Opening with a role reversal like that seems super strong. I don't know if I'd put it in my deck even with that opportunity, but the value of the card in your hand when you go first vs later in the game seems significant.
Jun 25 @ 10:20am
In topic Beta 2 review
This is a good summary of the current state of the game. I enjoy all of the core game mechanics (resolving cards, shared board, comboing), it just needs some balancing to allowing comboing/resolving to be worth it, and I really like the idea of increasing player health and deck size.
It's hard to say about the balance, since I'm not 100% I know what the devs are precisely going for. In CCN1 the cards were by design better as rarity went up. There are shades of that here, but it's not definite across the board. Instead of specific cards that need buffing, I would go as broad as to say certain elements of the game:

Resolve effects: There are a ton, a TON of effects in the game that don't require cards to resolve to be effective, so why even fiddle with making a three card chain when you don't have to?

Heal/shield: The core idea here is kinda duplicated from CCN1: why heal when you can damage your opponent? I would be interested in seeing heal/shield cards have some sort of benefit in addition to healing/shielding. Like for example, having a ton of arrows to compensate for the generally weaker function. Case and point is Iji. It has five arrows, shields your opponent on placement, and shields you on resolve. I know how Space Nörd can make it shield you instead, but Space Nörd isn't a strong card either! Iji would be balanced if you removed the placement effect altogether. Has anyone made any good deck that uses healing or shielding effects to a meaningful degree?

Comboing effects: Some work, some don't. I've seen Goddess of Explosions combo work, but a lot of others seem underwhelming, specifically because there aren't a lot of cards that contribute to the effect, or because there is exactly one card that turns the useless setup cards into useful effects.

- Business Casual Man could make a self-damaging deck work, but if you don't place him, you're doomed.

- Tosca X is supposed to let you cage cards if a card cages itself, but there is only like, one card that does this.

- Power tokens could be super amazing, but the only card that grants one requires a whopping six turns to activate, and needs a different card to activate it. This is a less-terrible offender, since the cards that can activate it could just as easily activate some other card, but even still, putting a card down just so you can activate any other card on the board is of...questionable worth.

- Mana tokens are a super cool concept, but there aren't enough varied cards as-is to really get a good deck out of it. It's just another way to make a burn deck. I'd like to see mana cards do other things too, like "delay target active card by how many mana tokens you have", or "if you have three mana tokens, activate target card."

- Tick/delay effects are a cool idea, and I'd like to see more of these. Cards that have passive effects for being on the board can be allowed to exist for longer with delay effects, and this is super cool. That said, it doesn't seem very worth it to go to the effort to use these effects as-is. Once again, I recommend giving these cards a ton of arrows to help compensate for their weakness.
Yeah I was thinking about that, but if I'm going to play Business Casual Man I might try a theme deck around it. The catch is that you can have a maximum of one of him in your deck, so you might not even get him in play until most of your deck is cleared. Other than this, I have figured the Paranoid Fish is just a super efficient way to finish off the opponent when they're low and you're not.
Something I'm going to be very curious about, is what we will actually be allowed to throw in decks come launch. If the rules are the same as what we have now, yeah legendaries will need to be looked at pretty closely. In CCN1 I liked how only one legendary type card was allowed per deck, and I think that helped to keep decks well-rounded, since rares in that game weren't super OP (though they were quite good). But even if that route is taken, everyone will just just a card liked Dumped X, because of course you should put that card in your deck. Poof your opponent's super powerful card before it activates? Yes! Some of the other legendaries (Tosca X) seem extremely weak by comparison, even if you try to build a deck around their mechanic.

Looking at the forums right now, it seems like the big deck types that people are having success with are control (mass silence/cage/heal/add to own deck), burn, and golden apathetic frog, though that last one might just be a lethal joke deck that got out of hand. My first thoughts when looking at the cards available, is why anyone would bother with any card with "Resolve: Deal 1 damage." You mean you want me to put a card down, spend two more turns linking two other cards up to it, if I can even get the right arrows, and then wait for the card to finish ticking down just to deal 1 damage? The other cards will do stuff too, and you can add stuff to the chain sure, but no thanks. Even on a common that is a super weak card. It would have to have a ton of arrows, do something in addition to that, or cards like fire sword gotta be adjusted.

In CCN1 cards like fire sword were much, much more balanced for two primary reasons:

1. You had to keep your board clear or you lose.

2. The free damage couldn't be used to disable an opponent's card, which was a huge benefit to linking attack cards in CCN1.

In CCN2 right now though, both of the above concerns don't exist. What do I care if I drop fire swords in front of my opponent's arrows and eventually fill the board? I'M not removing that card, pffft, you kidding me? You remove it.
Jun 24 @ 9:52pm
In topic How to counter Golden Apathetic Frog;
Cyberjenny is a good card just because of how much damage it deals, and it is nice to be able to just throw it on the board to instantly pop your opponent's shield. The penalty for using it though is that you just gave your opponent a ton of arrows. They can attach anything to it! It gives you three damage which I think is tied for the highest possible in the game; but it has a cost, it has a definite, 100% guaranteed cost, and it is hard to place a card with 8 arrows in such a way that your opponent can't punish you for using it. I don't know if I would ever not use it, but I wouldn't throw it into the overpowered pile yet.

The potato is a weird card. In its current state, even non-gimmicky matches can reach fatigue stage, which might be a commentary that right now we start with too much health, or maybe the deck sizes are too small, or maybe damage isn't easy enough to do. Ignoring all of that though, the potato makes your deck run out faster than your opponent's, and this is super dangerous the way the game is right now. But, what it also does is (obviously) deal a free damage when you happen to draw it. This is cool, free damage rocks, Cyberjenny also does this and I love it every time.

But, having potatoes in your deck also makes it much easier to draw cards you might rather desire. It's the idea how in games like Magic: The Gathering, you don't want to go above 60 cards, because it's harder to draw cards you might want, when you might want them, since there is a limit to each card that you can put in your deck. The catch to this in CCN2 is that you can play any card in your hand, so it's not like you're ever really worried about getting something that you can use. Me personally? I worry more about losing to fatigue. In a deck built about potatoes, Cyberjenny, Itan (put Bombs in your opponent's deck, they take a hit and discard when they draw the bomb), Fire Swords (damage on placement), etc though...well, I bet it would work with some reasonable consistency against many decks, since the potato is damage that you deal without even putting a card into play.
In CCN1 it felt like the best deck was pure offense, specifically because you could shut down your opponent's cards easily. I only ever lost to the final boss, and even then it was because I was stubborn and didn't want to build something more nuanced. Really though, considering how OP the final boss deck was, I don't know if that would count anyway.

In this game it is much less obvious what the best deck is. You can't trade damage for shutting cards down, and this is a good thing. The main thing that needs to be thought out is if there is a deck type that will win 90% of its games.

I am not as worried about cards being too strong though, I am worried about cards being too weak. Yes, if a deck revolves around bricking the board and will win every time, something needs to be done to fix it. My immediate first thought is to bring back restore-type cards like from CCN1. If a card is silenced or caged, it is almost definitely a dead card, and it would be helpful to be able to restore it, much like in the original game.

Maybe this is something that can be added to a few of the cards that are nothing but arrows? I know the point of those cards, you want to get a chain going and activate a bunch of cards; but there are enough powerhouse rares that can point at each-other that even if your opponent isn't running silence/cage/fatigue, you might as well fill up with Cruiser Tetron/Iosa/Shark Jenny cards. All three of these deal 2 damage and have great arrows that go to each-other, so even while they are non-conductive, you wouldn't get much mileage off of Bob's Ship, even if you would theoretically link these cards up to it after it is already activated.

The key problem with the silence/cage deck is that there is literally nothing your opponent can do about it. Ever. There are plenty of cards that do these functions just for existing. "I put this card down, now no matter what you play, it won't do anything." Dumped X is a legendary and can only do this to an active card, and only once placed, so while it is an excellent card, it isn't absurd. Rares shouldn't be so powerful that they can deny literally any card your opponent plays just by virtue of existing though.

So my suggested solution? With the exception of legendaries, don't allow these silence/cage effects to harm the opponent's cards until the card becomes activated, at minimum. I don't know if this would balance it per-say, since you could tack it on as a third card or to an already activated chain, but it would be an improvement to where we are now.

Now all I have to do is find a way to make the paranoid fish work!
Jun 24 @ 12:03am
In topic Beta 2 is live
The in-game deck editor already has some of that functionality in it. What I would like though, is a way to arrange the cards based on franchise, or to see the cards arranged like that in a steam guide. Would be cool to try themed decks without jumping around or typing in character names.
Jun 24 @ 12:00am
In topic Achievements
I wouldn't doubt it. The "Green wins by doing nothing" achievement is almost definitely a reference to the meme "Luigi wins by doing nothing", that features the best Mario brother winning games (usually Mario Party) by doing nothing.

So in theory, to win it, maybe don't do anything in the game whatsoever, and let RNG give you a win. Your opponent would have to either help you get it by playing poorly or choosing cards that intentionally help you (like self-damaging cards); or your deck would need to work real well without needing any Resolve effects, since there is no way your arrows would line up.
Jun 23 @ 8:31pm
In topic Stasis/Control Deck too strong?
Hey, loving the game so far. After some playing with a straight-forward fight deck, I decided to try a deck to shut down opponent plays, and oh man is it a fun way to make someone rage. Basically fill your deck with things that remove/cage/silence cards, with a little here and there to provide easy shields and heals. The key to it is to put a Tosca and Rainbow Ring in the deck to make sure you have more cars than your opponent, to ensure they fatigue out before you. Other cards that add non-discarding cards to your deck can effectively fill this purpose too. If anyone is curious enough to see my build I can share.

The question though, is what can someone do to stop me from succeeding with this build? Additionally, is it balanced in random play, even if it is beatable with a specific setup?
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