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                                Trading TF2 Unusuals for TF2 Keys/ CS:GO Keys
    Unusual and Knife Overpay can be considered, but Keys at my buyout is what I will                                                                        prioritize.

Buying Steam Inventories for mass amounts of pure

Quick-Buying TF2 Unusuals for 30%+ Off []

Keys, Unusuals, CS:GO Knives, Australiums, Stranges
No Bunch of Items, Cheap Stuff, TF2 Skins

Please check trade offers before sending as all trades are final

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I can sell my items through Steam Market if you provide the fee (%15)
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Do you want to trade? Earn easy money while trading (seriously or casually?)

God Tier Traders = Whales

When the 10+ people a day ask for advice, I plan to link them this ya solutions!

Just because you can make profit, does not mean they w
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Vladimir Putin Dec 5 @ 3:46pm 
offering on the rack
Fafnir Dec 2 @ 4:03pm 
for you aces high hat of cards
Fafnir Dec 2 @ 4:02pm 
hey man would like to add you to discuss something very important
Grim Tweeter Dec 1 @ 9:08am 
+rep very lonely friend. :D
Bushwomann Dec 1 @ 7:49am 
If you offer something and I accept the offer. Then go through with it and don't waste my time. I have sent the trade offer for the exact offer you made about 2 days ago and you have ignored that trade offer since and the post itself on tf2outpost aswell where I sent you a message. I take this as you not being interested anymore and hereby take my item back. The offer you made I now will redeem too low and I wan't my official price for the item if you are still interested. Have a nice day.
Frostpaws~🐾 Dec 1 @ 7:47am 
Added to discuss!