Christoffer Fritz Hadenfeldt Schrøder.   Aalborg, Nordjylland, Denmark
Sickness is wont to fester and spread. It must be burned out ere the infection takes hold.

Like a hunter stalking it's prey, a cloak and dagger Spy lies in wait for the right moment to fuck up.
-SupaGoGoMan 2010

Someone once told me, a very long time ago, that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and also, eating an apple a day is just like brushing your teeth. I wanted to save time, but now I'm out of time I'm dead.
-Chris Lovasz of the Yogscast 2014

Arn't girls with cat ears just cats?

The hills are alive with a hot mess of 360 no scopes.

Take my weird ass shield, Puppy Sif! It'll protect you from... urban violence!
[ Puppy Sif barking continues, unabated by urban violence ]
Wish me luck! I'm off to fill Manus' man cavern with my estus flask!

It's so real that you have janitors now,
hoe-ing the ground, and the carpets, and the stone tiles.

07:36 - Sexy Linda: guro is my favorite i am linda :^)

I'm Wendy Cheslock... Heehee... Kaboom...

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