♪~ (scaɪ-piːz)   Canada
Please don't randomly add me, I usually just ignore/block people
"Makes terrible jokes that everyone laughs at"
I occasionally moderate on certain servers and rarely trade for pyro stuff

Thanks to Zacharie for the rockin' profile pic! (background edited in by Aeidan )


If you're part of a closed circlejerk community, you're patheitc;
If you can't take shit then go be useless somewhere else.
(And fuck all the special snowflakes / SJWs out there... Narcissistic cunts)

Steam & In-game convo's / General AIDS []
Astats []

If it ever gets to the point where people are impersonating me... (highly unlikely)
• I don't ask for free stuff, and I generally don't want it either.
• Going along with that, please don't ask me for free stuff.
• I always go first in paypal trades, unless specified otherwise beforehand.
• I have 6000+ hours on TF2 and I am level 120+ on steam
• I am a real night owl (i.e People in Korea can see me online when it's in the afternoon)
I tend to forget who people are... So comment if you want to [re]-add me, whoever you may be.

Tech specs and peripherals:

GPU: Gigabyte geforce GTX 780
CPU: Intel 4770k @ 3.5 Ghz (stock)
Motherboard: Asus Z87-A
Power supply: Thermaltake, 700W
RAM: 2X Kingston hyperblack 8 GB
HDD: 1 TB (Western digital; Win10)
Case: Zalman Z9
Monitor(s): BenQ XL2420TE / Random samsung TV
Mouse: Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex (no mousepad, angled rightie claw grip, 1100DPI)
Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB (Red switches)
Headphones: Beyer Dynamic Custom One Pro Plus (Black) / Urbanears Zinken (Rowan)
Microphone: Blue Yeti
Phone: HTC One M9
Steam UI: Metro for steam
Bow down to the king!


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plank of wood 1月5日 6時52分 
j a n u a r y
Scaypies 2016年12月15日 6時39分 
s h i t p o s t
пирог икру | ✡2jew4u™ 2016年12月13日 22時44分 
Yeah...I'm kind of a big deal in the Steam Community. I've got 3 boyfriends right now so I guess you can say that I'm pretty high up on the food chain. My avatar is usually something edgy, or an anime picture or a picture of a girl from tumblr that isn't showing her face (in monochrome or color depending on my ~~mood~~ that day.) I also get my profile artwork from tumblr by searching the tags "#japan #photography" or "#palewave". I've got a high level with a low amount of friends (having your friend number higher than 20 isn't very aesthetic), and all my groups are groups that are based on the idea of being ironically depressed. People really look up to me as sort of a virtual role model.
Scaypies 2016年11月14日 1時55分 
пирог икру | ✡2jew4u™ 2016年11月14日 0時46分 
I can't wait to go to Canada and make sweet love to your loli patch
Pyroson 2016年11月14日 0時37分 
I can't wait to go to Canada and make sweet love to your cabbage patch