Professional Sanity Drainer
Read my Fucking rules below First before adding me!
"A sad soul is always up past midnight"
In no mood to talk to anyone or be near anyone, plz leave me alone. Thank you.

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My Rules
1. Comment on why you’re adding me FIRST! I will decide if I will accept it.

2. I DON’T accept friend requests because of my TF2 backpack or just to have friends, I keep my list with people I need or know if not you will be declined.

3. Don’t ask for free items, you will be removed and blocked.

4. Im NOT Selling any of my unusuals or anything unless im say i am, dont ask or trade me!.

5. Don’t ask me to join any steam groups, not interested.

6. Insulting or complementing me doesn’t mean anything to me that’s your opinion.

7. If you are on my friends list don’t expect me to start chatting I’m a silent and non-socialable person

8. I DON'T feel for anyone.

9. I'm not going to do things for you, I'm not your bitch.

10. If you see me,
Online: watching YouTube or bored
Away: AFK
Busy: busy on my pc or AFK doing something
In-game: I will respond slowly

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Added because I talk to you whenever you're on ZtG.
Piggansta May 23 @ 9:19pm 
Piggansta May 23 @ 8:11pm 
Hey if your still up for doing that terror watt antlers for my high five taunt just add me.
samm797 | May 14 @ 12:41am 
Hey, noticed you had a bunch of sunbeams hats and some unusual taunts as well. Any interest in a Holy Grail Flippin' Awesome? Thanks!
Added for trade on the antlers the terror watt