About Me
~Former Combat Engineer (RAE) in the 4th Combat Engineer Regiment, Trained with the 20th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron, Avid supporter of Militarism and somewhat National Service.


Some of the most amazing people i know

What a nerd.
Pancake Doge
Go the fuck to sleep.
Give me free unusuals.
Shitty med mains.
Hottest nurse AU.
Because he's into kinky things.
A last shoutout to a few amazing people who i know that shall be unnamed and also all the men and women are have served including the KIA, MIA and WIA.


Team Fortress 2 Competitive History
UGC S14 AUS/NZ Steel - Francium | Core Medic | 12th Place
UGC S15 AUS/NZ Steel - Macchiato: The Team | Core Medic | 8th Place
UGC S16 AUS/NZ Steel - Macchiato: The Team | Sub Medic | 5th Place
UGC S17 AUS/NZ Steel - Tiger Mafia | Sub Medic/Scout | 1st Place
UGC S18 AUS/NZ Steel - Bacon Ascending | Sub Medic | 1st Place
UGC S19 AUS/NZ Plat - Lovable 8 | Sub Medic | 4th Place

UGC S19 AUS/NZ - Nine Inch Males | Sub Medic | 7th Place

OWL 13 - Show Me Your Crits | Core Medic | Disbanded

UGC S4 AUS/NZ - Corrupt | Core Fuck-Around | 9th Place
UGC S5 AUS/NZ - Jamaican Bobsled Team | Sub Fuck-Around | 13th Place
UGC S6 AUS/NZ - Killuminati | Sub | 5th Place


Notable Quotes and Shit

Chase: Where is the medics dispenser?

Modus: Why are they so many asian languages, in the end they all mean rice

Assassin Krasha: Scourge your my new role model

hairybeermonster : dude you have issues , maybe you got raped as a kid, ok , but thats not our fauolt

Chase: but i don't want to bang the alien

Axios: I'm pretty sure Greenish is into BDSM

Rainlord: Time to die, UGC Scourge. Fucking cunthead.

Skye: focus Gooch, he's fucked in the head

Salem: ez game
Shady: ik holy fuck
Shady: that was like
Shady: soggy cereal division

A Daewoo Lanos: The only thing Kathy can calculate is the distance between her plate and her mouth when it comes to food.

Ellix: you should work for maccas
Ellix: they can start putting more salt on their fries

CakBud has renamed their Taunt: The Balloonibouncer to Salem
CakBud: now i can ride you

∝ Epiphany: I was lookin for kids ok

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Happy New Year, Shore- I mean, Salem!
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Merry Christmas!