Dixie ツ
I dont have a real name. i was born without a name =O!!
I belive you sir. Just got monorailed!

You know who you are.
What you're made of.
War is in your blood.
When you're pushed.
Killing becomes as easy as breathing.
Don't fight it !

A Lovely little rant i made for english courcework

I hate when people say "That's so gay" about inanimate objects. That is the phrase of people who live and breathe stupidity in its purest form.
One time, someone told me my backpack was gay. My BACKPACK. Yes, in the grand scheme of things, my backpack prefers to mate with other backpacks of the same sex. I found homoerotic magazines under his bed. There were highly explicit pictures of backpacks taking it up the C.D. player compartment by other backpacks. They unzipped each other, poured shreds of old homework papers on each other, you name it. There were even interracial pictures between a purse and backpack, carryall and bookbag, and even a dirty little centerfold with a Gym bag completely open with its straps spread-eagled.
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