Rayce (Commander Awesome)
Chay Bickford   Illinois, United States
Big Sci-Fi gamer geek and SWBF1&2 modder. I made the Skin Changer mod. Member of the JKA clan Shadow Order. I also play EA's Battlefront and SWTOR.

Origin: Rayce_Skykiller

Rayce Quinn, Jedi Guardian
Lee'kai, Commando
Pioma, Scoundrel
Rayca, Jedi Shadow
Gaden Thrall, Imperial Sniper
I play on Begeren Colony, willing to make a new character on a different server to play with friends.

Charlie Davenport, 25th Century Starfleet Tactical Officer
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Rayce (Commander Awesome) Jan 21 @ 2:25pm 
I saw your letter. I do not know what to make of it at this point and there's been no responce from Eez or other staff meber, or any other sort of developments on this topic since.
DamianHowardHD Jan 21 @ 1:38pm 
Well, fine.. That's upto you. But just so you know, I've since sent a letter of apology to him, via Cerez.. And if you'd like, I can send you the letter, too. So you can read it.. And make of it what you will. But that's your decision.
Rayce (Commander Awesome) Jan 21 @ 1:22pm 
I'm glad you appriciate my skin. However, FYI, I removed you for two reasons: 1. I don't want to get caught up in the drama between you and and JKHub staff. 2. To be perfectly honest, I find some of the statements you have made on JKHub and to Eezstreet to be rather disturbing. I don't wanna take sides in this, but I find such behavior unacceptable. If this gets cleared up in a civil manner and you apologize, then we can talk.
DamianHowardHD Jan 21 @ 4:27am 
Hey, just wondering why you removed me? Just seen your "Commander Thire", by the way.. Great work!