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Posted: Jun 24, 2017 @ 7:25pm
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Early Access Review
10/10 Would play again, great graphics, great people, many spooks, and alot of future potential. One of the most fun times i've had one games.

>Spawn in with friends on discord
>We all need to find eachother
>they both spawn near sultan, and tell me to head up to them while they loot and find eachother
>I'm looting some houses on this beach, minding my own business, get quite a bit of loot
>Find makeshift pistol and this, f### yeah
>Walk past two dudes in a house and say hi
>One see's my pistol out and starts screaming "DON'T SHOOT DON'T SHOOT US PLEASE" in a thick eastern european accent
>calm the dudes down and ask them if they know where i am, as im lost and need to find friends
>Get nowhere with them so i leave them in peace and go further up the road to try and find a road sign of something
>Suddenly while im going up the road, i hear a car horn
>Oh! this could either go really well or really unwell i think to myself, as the guy i meet might let me tag along for a bit
>Walk into this bunk a## junkyard with some dude with a cowboy hat looking around for parts
>We get talking and it turns out he just spawned and found this car, and wanted to fix it up so he could go hunting around for loot, and was new to the game like me
>I tell him i got three friends if we can find where we are, and offer him a group to play with if he gets me to them
>We head off and manage to get all the tires for this car, eventually getting quite a bit of loot too after going on a short roadtrip in hunt of my mates
>Eventually we meet up with them outside of some town near a gas station, exited we decide to head in some town, thinking that we can loot there, and since there is no KOS here we can be safe
>Eventually we roll into town, and its getting dark quick, and we think that it may be best to hide the car in a fire station and wait out the night
>Messing around trying to learn the controlls we find the wistle button, and start wistling franticly around a campfire in the middle of some fire station in some city
>Some guy out of nowhere comes over and yells at us, telling us to knock off the whistling since he's looting and its creeping him out
>We do some trading and some talking and eventually get to the desicion that he may as well also tag along, since he was a pretty decent dude
>He starts showing us where his base is, since its not much (Litterally 3 walls and a door) and he needs a bit of help building it
>Server resets, and we all hide ourselfs and our truck in the case we can't get back
>We get back on and meet up just outside of town near our trucks, torches flashing everywhere talking about who has what
>I go hunting in my inventory for some car part that i had on me when i was
>My friends start shouting, theres someone shooting at them, and i was the first to get shot
>One by one he hunts my friends down untill only one remains, to which he ran
>Turns out the town we landed in was a KOS spot in this server, and was labled in the rules on the server discord
>Spend the next few hours tagging up with a friend, looting and speaking to some of the people i come across
>One even saved my life when me and my friend needed it most and another even gave me a rifle he found in a building since he didn't need it
>Nice! back on track
>For half an hour we wait for our friends to roll into town in the vehicle they just collected, and the loot they have.
>Nearly die to what is basically a giant pasty white hulk
>Squad rolls into town
>rolls into town with a big f###### army truck
>we hunt all over town for tires
>give this randon noobie a ride since he asked nicely
>By this time we realised that we had been on the game that long, it was allready in the early hours of the morning, and time passed that quickly
>Some of us get out, hide in bushes and buildings to log off and the truck driver heads off to go hide the new fully decked out ride we aquired and we all log off

This game is what DayZ should've been, and i hope it still gets alot of development and features added to it. worth picking up, wouldn't judge it by how it looks on its page
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SMA MistahPhuPanda824 Jun 25, 2017 @ 2:46pm 
Bery good story my dude!<3