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I ran gamesabout and used to work on , that's that.

Feel free to add me, however you might not like my sarcastic nature or humor and that's fine, but no need to tell me about it.
If that's not the case, I'm sure we'd have fun hanging, just let me know who you are/where I'm supposed to know you from or I'll ask you.

Also, if you are some russian or other TF2 trader that just wants to scam me for keys; FUCK OFF.

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Adding me!
Please don't add me looking for a quick scam on TF2 items. In fact, if you are looking to not give me tons of cash for my items, fuck off.

If you add me, make sure youre VISIBLY ONLINE when I am online, or otherwise I may never accept, if you're away/not responding after I added you I will simply remove you, in that case feel free to add me again when I am online and the game starts anew.
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Heya. I'll be back on pc tomorrow
SEKCobra Oct 20, 2013 @ 2:57am 
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I heard you'd seen a certain something belonging to a certain Facepunch moderator?
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u wana fite
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You should accept my friend invite.
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