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Hard but easy - you could learn some good muscle memory from here and if you are not aquainted with the Numpad or you find it hard to use, Say Hello to your new tutor.

Picked this game up for less than £1 (40 pence - less than a $1)

Kinda fun - give it a bash whilst its cheap. I played for 20 mins and got 50 achievements. Basically participation awards but the game is rather hard. Give it a run though, its fun.

It reminds me of Super Hexagon but not as annoying.
Posted December 21, 2016.
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If you are willing to work through all the issues (on AMD) then this game will be better than the origonal. Right now the framerate on AMD is horrid but that does not speak for the games overall quality.

It is a very good game but with some issues. I will update this as soon as the issues have been fixed. There is currently a BETA patch but it has MARGINAL impovements but this shows dedication to fixing the issue. Based upon the 1st release of DARKSIDERS I will reccomend this but this is subject to change in the coming weeks. If you run AMD then just hold off, wait. These guys are clearly trying. Give nordic the benefit of the doubt here.
Posted December 1, 2016.
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I cannot praise this game enough - I never played the 1st 2 Witcher games but I was immediately caught up by the prologue and through the story dialogue as to what was going on.

This game has an amazing story and beautiful backdrops that even in low settings the vistas are amazing and some of the places you go to will show you just how beautiful a game can be.

The game is a little difficult as I died numerous times to some stupid ways but I could not be angry at the game. It is an amazing game and seeing that you can talk to most gamers about the game shows just how massivley popular it is.

There is a small difficulty steep (not like Dark Souls though) and diffirentiating between a steel sword and a silver sword for eatch enemy type is a bit annoying so if you don't know what to use, Use 1 until it breaks then use the other - or google it.

This is a game I will say everyone has to try. I have spent over 50 hours finishing the main story alone so for a $60 game spending almost $1 per hour on the story - that in my books is very good and there is a wide range of side quests as well as activities (Gwent is life).

Go into this game with an open mind and if you can't just remember that at the end of every major plot point - boobies. But do give it a try
Posted November 24, 2016.
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OK So from a somewhat bias view i say this game makes no real sence.
I wont spoil the ending and I do reccomend this game.
Let me just start by going into the pros:

+Solid combat system reminicent of the Arkham series
+Like farcry but with a bigger emphasis on cars over guns
+Side quests help add to the game and not just filler
+Characters are interesting
+Story is interesting
+VERY good port and runs VERY well (i7 4790k R9 390x - 160fps High/Med tweaking)

Now just for the cons whitch there may seem many bit I was nitpicking

-Story is rather short
-Minimal faffing around must be done to UNLOCK some story missions
-Lowering danger is zones can feel slow (at low levels like 2 and 1)
-Upgrade unlocks must be done in sequence (bummer when you have level 4 unlocked but not bought level 3)
-One of your companions is basically useless unless you do 1 specific task
-Unlocking some of the air baloons is a minigame of thier own

All in all this is a very solid game with many of memorable moments and can take some time to complete (1532 hours at time of this review). Everything in the game is their for a reason and the combat is solid. I would say this is a game you must have in your library. Shame they couldn't get Tom hardy to voice Max given that this came out around the time of Fury Road and can easily fit between the 30 year gap from beyond Thunderdome and Fury Road.
Posted July 5, 2016.
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Big DooM Fan all my life and even I must say that this game is amazing.
Played the Betas that were out and the full game is emmence.
It Just Works - Loaded it up at 1am (after it Unpacked) and ran right into the singleplayer head first.

This is everything we were promised but do not trust the pre-release footage all the maps have been scrambled.
The story so far (from where I am) has been understandable and minimal - Simply go here, do X, Y is the result and then a little bit of exposition.

This is not the story heavy DooM3 - This is DooM with a sprinkle of story. Much more like the classic. BUT WITH JUMPING
Posted May 13, 2016.
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I hope From Software are giving me a new controller after beating this game cuz im gonna have to hold a funeral for the B button
Posted May 1, 2016.
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OK so this game is quite short I am afraid but the concept is amazing and the demo was too. This game messes with your mind in weird ways.

Its fun, great, challenging and has loads of little extras at the end. Id say its only worth about $10 (£10) but ye know, it just laucnhed after so long so I do say that it for the 2 hours I spent on the campaign + endless hours I will have on the challenges, it's better than most AAA games.
Posted February 25, 2016.
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What can I say about this port to make you buy it.

Well to start it feel much better and is more gripping then the previous installment.
The combat is fun though new weapons are introduced late in the game. Not to be discouraged by that, it is a pure balance issue. Personally I feel the bow and arrow is plenty however and I rarely touch the Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun.

Running a 390x & i7 4790kI was topping 100+ frames at some points. In other more challenging conditions (lots of blowing snow) I was hitting about 45 though this was just camp areas with no meaningful action until you finally leave it (where for about 1/10th of an hour you have light combat with people) but even then it was not that bad.

The games story is a continuation of the previous installment though many notable characters are missing (Sam). I can see why to be honest. This is a game where if you enjoyed the first game you will certiannly enjoy the second game. Its more balanced, Challenge Tombs are easier to find and not in obscure locations where it takes longer to get to that it does to do said tomb.

The tombs also give you perks you cannot unlock as well as item parts for weapons (so far i found 1/2 of a bow but having the Compact bow was my dream) The game is a bit more of a challenge but none the less it is very gripping adn i would say its worth your money.

NOTE: This game has either Microtransactions or a form of microtransactions taht have nothing to do with the storyline. Once beaten the game you can replay the levels with these "cards" as they are called that give you specific preks and deperks e.g. Start a level with a pistol. Start a level with a pistol but with no ammo. Start a level with a pistol and full ammo but take double damage.

Its an interesting way to do a new playthough. I like what the devs have done to the game. I would buy this game again if i was not poor.
Posted January 29, 2016.
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Early Access Review
The controls need a bit of a tweak.
Could be doing with a bit more veriety in the maps.
I mean its good but its not great.
Give it a bash though.

Check up on it every month or so.
Its good but in need of some good hard tweaking.
Posted January 26, 2016.
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8.8 hrs on record
Started playing Monopoly at 1am.
Finished that 1 game at 10am.

9/10 - no too shabby
Posted January 10, 2016.
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