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I run a gaming community. As such, I am constantly moving my friends around. If you need me, add me or email me at Haze@Rizengaming.org.

If you want to join our community, join our steam group and our discord:

Former Competitive Insurgency player for team Veritas
Former Competitive CS:GO Player for team Salvation

----------------------------------- About Me -----------------------------------

First and foremost, I am a student at a major university. Secondly, I am a competitive Insurgency player. Thirdly, however, I am a gamer. And I'm not talking about FPS alone. I'm just as likely to be found playing games with long stories as I am killing people in Insurgency - Find me a good game with a long, well planned story, and I will love you dearly. There are very few things I enjoy doing more than sitting down and playing through a heartwrenching campaign, wracking my brain to solve a challenging puzzle, or testing my strategy in RTS games. Once I've had my fill, I will load back into an FPS game and kick some ass again. This is what I do. Just as a capstone to this, I happen to be an Elder Scrolls Lore Master as well. My life is pathetic...

I am also a computer guy. If you need help with computers, I am a certified IT tech (which means nothing nowadays) and have been a part of the computer building community for years. I'm even studying Computer Engineering at KU! Go figure! Seriously though, there are very few things that I can't fix when it comes to computers.

My typical music selection: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD0Pc4or7CwwTl8FLC-tBrnjqyFYx5iIg (Thank you Grinmore for making this!)

Twitter: @HazePlaysGame
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/HazePlaysGG
Email: Haze@Rizengaming.org

-This was all written during a time I was supposed to be writing a History paper... I'm good at school...
-Darkness isn't inherently evil, just as Light ins't inherently good. Be wary, fellow traveller, and keep your wits about you.
-Trust MUST be earned. Do not give it out freely, or you will most certainly regret it.
-"I wash forward like a waterfall of death." "Waterfalls fall down, not forward." "Yea, but 'I wash down like a waterfall of death' is a lot less badass!"
"Fuck you Hillary Hazeton." -YeOldPimp
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--------- RiZEN Gaming Community ---------
---- Who We Are ----
We are a gaming community focused on ease of access to a large player base for an even larger game set. In our Discord, you will almost always find someone who shares your interests and tastes in gaming. The idea is simple: Bring in a huge set of players so that anyone can have access to a community full of people who want to play the same games they do. Our administrative staff is focused on helping everyone reach out to the subcommunities of their favorite games and genres, as well as coordinating events among all the members of that genre.

---- How It Works ----
Users join and meet with one of our recruitment staff. These officers will then assign perms to the user based on their gaming preferences, organized into subgenres such as FPS, RPGs, MOBAs, Survival games, etc. After receiving these perms, players will have access to our extensive genre based subcommunities under the RiZEN umbrella. These communities are active, and are intended to help players meet one another and expand their friends base. After joining the community, players are able to access certain features specific to each genre of game. An Administration team is assigned to each genre to help ensure things run smoothly. If the games include esports scenes, we can help organize and manage competitive teams for each game as well.

---- Links ----
Website [www.rizengaming.org] (Currently down for Host switch)
Discord [discord.gg]
Email [rizengaming.org]

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Fluffy May 26 @ 2:59am 
TR1CKY May 18 @ 10:18am 
( the rizenlink is fucked up)
Haze Apr 16 @ 7:37pm 
I formally apologize for any emotional trauma that my decision may have caused, but we at Rizen still feel as though the way we dealt with the situation in regards to your complaint is not only fair, but apropriate. Your ban is temporary, merely a year, and when that year has transpired, if you still feel such strong negative feelings towards us, then you are not required to rejoin. I do, however, ask that you refrain from openly attacking me on public forums to try and sway the tide of opinion in your favor.
Haze Apr 16 @ 7:37pm 
Not many people reading these comments are aware of the incident, and quite frankly it is an internal matter between you and Rizen that has been dealt with. There is no need for further escalation of the issue, though I am obligated to warn you that, should you choose to escalate the issue yourself, your comments will be removed, and the length of your ban will be extended indefinetly.

From this point forward, if you have any other complaints or wish to appeal the decision, email me personally at Haze@rizengaming.org

Have a nice day!
FNS Apr 16 @ 1:56pm 
"Darkness isn't inherently evil,

Just as Light isn't inherently good.

Be wary, fellow traveler.

Sometimes the brightest stars harbor the worst intentions..."
I just realized something
Haze was the brightest star
And he sure did hold the worst intentions
Haze Mar 15 @ 8:01am 
"Git gud," they said.
"I'M TRYING!!!" I said.

Turns out I'm still shit.