--RzN-- Haze
*AHEM*   Kansas City, Kansas, United States
--------- Owner and Founder of RiZEN Gaming Organization ---------
I run a gaming community. As such, I am constantly moving my friends around. If you need me, add me or email me at Haze@Rizengaming.org.

:insfist: Former Competitive Insurgency player for team Veritas
:insfist: Competitive Insurgency Captain for team Rizen
:csgoglobe: Former Competitive CS:GO Player for team Salvation

----------------------------------- About Me -----------------------------------

First and foremost, I am a college student. Secondly, and closely following, however, I am a gamer. And I'm not talking about FPS alone. I'm just as likely to be found playing games with long stories as I am killing people in Insurgency - Find me a good game with a long, well planned story, and I will love you dearly. There are very few things I enjoy doing more than sitting down and playing through a heartwrenching campaign, wracking my brain to solve a challenging puzzle, or testing my strategy in RTS games. Once I've had my fill, I will load back into an FPS game and kick some ass again. This is what I do. Just as a capstone to this, I happen to be an Elder Scrolls Lore Master as well. My life is pathetic...

I am also a computer guy. If you need help with computers, I am a certified IT tech (which means nothing nowadays) and have been a part of the computer building community for years. I'm even studying Computer Engineering! Go figure! Seriously though, there are very few things that I can't fix when it comes to computers.

My typical music selection: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD0Pc4or7CwwTl8FLC-tBrnjqyFYx5iIg (Thank you Grinmore for making this!)

Twitter: @HazePlaysGame
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/HazePlaysGG
Email: Haze@Rizengaming.org

-This was all written during a time I was supposed to be writing a History paper... I'm good at school...
-Darkness isn't inherently evil, just as Light ins't inherently good. Be wary, fellow traveller, and keep your wits about you.
-Trust MUST be earned. Do not give it out freely, or you will most certainly regret it.
-"I wash forward like a waterfall of death." "Waterfalls fall down, not forward." "Yea, but 'I fall down like a waterfall of death' is a lot less badass!"
"Fuck you Hillary Hazeton." -YeOldPimp
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N.W.A el zorrito Mar 10 @ 12:29am 
how many dollars for rizen audition???
.tv/JEMS_TV Jan 14 @ 7:45pm 
Jock Juice™: "It's steroids!"
--RzN-- Haze Nov 27, 2017 @ 11:47pm 
do yall want something??? :P
Merek Nov 27, 2017 @ 6:48pm 
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aids <3 ;)
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