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Current Profile Picture: Cat in a polo
Current Profile Background: 'Bg Darkness' from Metro 2033 Redux

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Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

You can find me on these other platforms by these names.
U-Play: TpK.Ryuzaki     Battlenet: Ryuzaki#11215     Origin: TpK-Ryuzaki

Rainbow Six Siege            CounterStrike: GO                           Dirty Bomb
Rank: Gold IV    Level: 90      Rank: GN2    Level: Rank 76                Rank: Silver 2    Level: 32
“We've eased each other's boredom for quite a while... It's been quite fun." ╚══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝
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Steam account created on March 5th, 2015, account level 100 on June 26th, 2017.
If you want to trade, link is here.
I'll be willing to trade coupons for gems, other coupons, emoticons, or trading cards. CS:GO wise, we can discuss further.
PC specifications right here. [pastebin.com]
CS:GO cases opened: 44

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234 hrs on record
last played on Oct 21
50 hrs on record
last played on Oct 21
✿ My ✿ Oct 6 @ 4:07am 
Thanks for the birthday wishes
Aevoa Sep 29 @ 6:04pm 
Have a great weekend!
I can't aim Sep 23 @ 11:00am 
Nu Daddy cum back D:
Dankus Elkus Sep 23 @ 10:33am 
You haven't come back home since you went to pick up "chinese food" ;)
I can't aim Sep 22 @ 7:58pm 
daddy <3
Ryuzaki Sep 22 @ 11:27am 
Hey, did I say you could speak to me like that?