Ruben XIX
So, what is CS:GO

-CS:GO is when skins for weapons cost more than pc gadgets

-CS:GO is when you must drop your beautiful ak for everyone in your team

-CS:GO is when you open 20 cases and you get 20 blue piece of shit

-CS:GO is when kids add you to give you 9000 cases for your knife

-CS:GO is when you get 10 messages with troijan to steal your inventory

-CS:GO is when you get kicked because youre Russian

-CS:GO is when "globals" make 10 accounts and get satisfied, when playing against "MG's"

-CS:GO is when youre "Russian Noob" if you play 1v5, get the 4th and can't kill the last

-CS:GO is when youre "Russian Noob" with 23-5-10 while your teammates has 8-0-17

-CS:GO is when you learn Polish and Swedish in one match

-CS:GO is when there is more Polish in your team than in the whole country

-CS:GO is when you alone open A site, but the bomb is on the other site

-CS:GO is when you ask something or give advice and they say "stfu Russian"

-CS:GO is when you lose 3 ranks in one day because you play against "globals"

-CS:GO is when every 2nd player in your team are boosted silvers

-CS:GO is when you play against 5 f***ing awps

-CS:GO is when youre "LEM" and your lower rank friend begs you to play with him

-CS:GO is when youre "LEM" and your teammates are "MG" and you play against "Supremes"

-CS:GO is when you shoot your 30 fucking bullets on enemy and it did only -9hp
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