Fuckboi   New York, New York, United States
Please don't send group invites unless I ask. They're annoying.
Seems that you've stumbled upon my profile through one way or another. Here's the skinny;

I'm a chill dude, simply put. I play videogames, listen to music, keep up with friends. Think you got what it takes to make it here? Think smart, bub.

Send me a friend request, I'm gonna accept it. I'm social like that; come join the club. If you're not peaking my interest or we don't talk much, I'll remove you. Don't invite me to any groups unless I explicitly ask; I have no desire for stupid pop-ups during my Steam games. Getting past the formalities...

I go by many names, I enjoy putting on different outfits for Halloween so to speak. Just call me Royal.Marshall.
I'm a 19 y/o dude, don't let that stop you from interacting with me no matter who you are.

I can joke around with others at time, but I like to maintain a very positive appearence in my life, so I'm not one to harass, judge, mock etc. You like what you like, you do what you do, live how you live, I'm all for it. Just don't bring any negativity into this house. You won't be welcome.

I play on other videogame outlets besides Steam, so feel free to ask for any other usernames that you might want to add me under.

I've even got a couple of mobile games I participate in, if that tickles your fancy.

That's pretty much it, feel free to bother me whenever I'm online, just don't expect a second date.~

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