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G2B Lüt: myk?
Kyrie.twg! LF Pregame: who's that?





p>llux: i
p>llux: like
p>llux: big
p>llux: weiner
p>llux: what

witness: im a fucking tick on your dick dude you cant get rid of me

myk: LOL
myk: i needa buy that
River: this fucking
River: costed 5 dollars
myk: i hope youre proud of yourself ROFL
River: i hate my life

dooter : anyone wanna do edibals

*ready steady pan*
River : did the golden pan distraction strat help
bauwl : that was our objective the whole time

mmry: no
mmry: i sexually identify as a nail
mmry: u cant screw me

9:52 PM - cyclowns: drop 4 times on vanguard :thinking:
9:52 PM - Kyrie.twg!: but did I drop when it mattered?

p0lllux: @casTF2 you like big chimpanzee up ur butt
casTF2: @p0lllux u wish
RiverTF: stop this bm

Chocc: I came here for real tiddies not drawings

memory: ok
memory: I'm quitting tf2 for good
memory is now Online.
hyon: u said that last week
memory: do u wanna play on my silver teams
memory: yes or no

Snake: https://gfycat.com/NearVigilantJackal
River: stop
River: sin
Snake: Get the holy water.
River: †
River: my christian eyes
River: they burn

witnesstf2 : river is a nut
crabf : 82 pt pyro rofl what
cyclowns : wtf
cyclowns : pyro top score
ItsChicobo : Pyro top points? question mark?
osiris_tf : When pyros arent brain dead alwsys spy chacking they can do work
ItsChicobo : River how did you get those frags
Karl_Sagan : the pyro
Karl_Sagan : what the fuck
ItsChicobo : The Pyro tied for top score
crabf : karl wehjy didnt u just get river for ur pyro
duchesss_ : How do you let a pyro do 340 dpm and get 29 frags
bbctaz : 29 pyro frags???
bbctaz : what
crabf : who did the pyro farm
Karl_Sagan : 340 dmg
duchesss_ : 28 and 12
Karl_Sagan : he killed everyone evenly
ItsChicobo : he killed every class at least twice
crabf : oh wow his kill spread is even
Karl_Sagan : why is he so much better at the game than everyone else?
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steel pyro for perfection carries more than dwayne johnson - ugc HL season 19

steel pyro for pause reality - ugc HL season 20

platinum pyro for xo highlander - ugc HL season 21

platinum pyro for ignorant by nature - ugc HL season 22 (week 1-5)

silver pyro for gotta blast - ugc HL season 22 (week 6-9 - 5th place)

silver pyro for there we go! - ugc HL season 23 (week 1-5)

silver pyro sub for aesthetic - ugc HL season 23 (2nd place)

silver pyro for :thinking: - ugc HL season 24

steel medic for too close to touch - ugc 6s season 22

platinum roster ride on cloud commitee - ugc 6s season 24


steel medic for pretty little thing - ugc 4s season 9

silver pyro/medic for pause reality - ugc 4s season 10 (1st place)

gold pyro/medic for pause reality - ugc 4s season 11

gold pyro for 4 angry men - ugc 4s season 12

gold pyro for 4 angry men - ugc 4s season 13 (current team)

scout for huge dinosaur attacks japan - ready steady pan season 3 (current team)

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20-5 #platdemosneverforget
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mud "cream" pie Nov 10 @ 7:49pm 
talks shit about my TFCL badge when all he has is UGC steel badges and he says he’s PLAT. no play badges
Medi-Dog Oct 25 @ 11:14pm 
Holy shit, I found you. You box loving fucker.