mans not hot

Retard is horribly offensive to retarded people

If Gordon was president
Agent : Sir ! were being attacked by aliens !
Gordon : Tell them to fuck off

Due to Nick Crompton's Size And Weight, England might be considerd his City.

haj, gramer polise here

pappisoane : 15-16 max :)
pappisoane : i mokykla
pappisoane : zygiuok
pappisoane : kinderi

Sketis : tavo žaidimas tai irgi apgailėtinas :(
pappisoane : zinai kas yra bad game ?:)
pappisoane : vaikeli :)

*kas myli tėviškę labiau, tas gaus daugiau medienos.

''vos sekso nepadare" - naglis 2017
"mantvi, jeigu aš lošiu su nagliu nereiškia kad aš lievas ok ?" - debilas merkelis 2017

I don't deserve -
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Nomps Dec 8 @ 1:22pm 
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SgtYusuf Dec 5 @ 9:58am 
-rep if you play with this son of a bitch report him pls russian cunt
Sketis Dec 5 @ 9:57am 
calm down naruto
SgtYusuf Dec 5 @ 5:27am 
-Rep he is a fucking retard this fucking russian kid cant play noob
Sketis Dec 3 @ 3:32am 
o kurwa