depressed draggo
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Body up, up,
I know I hurt you, I loved you because you were someone to turn to...

Come and line up to see me go down.
You see, I'm just living my life. I ain't trying to do no one wrong, I'm just trying to live right, I just trying to do more with life than just get by, so every now and then I might light up and get high. But there's so many envious eyes who watch, just waiting for my demise. They pray for my downfall, and wattch me attempt to rise again. Those who know me will see me knocked from my path, but stumble to recover, as they watch me through their fake smiles, waiting for me to lose my sense of direction so they can laugh. I cut ties from a distance to minimize the possibility they'll do this.

I suppose I should give death a chance, I should offer him my hand and share a dance. Stare him in the eyes and show no fear. I'm ready for you.

So, wave goodbye. I'm standing on the shoreline, so dry. Don't waste your time. Push me.

"The fastest way to a dragon's heart is through its stomach, biologically and literally speaking, but I wouldn't really advise taking that path... Unless you're into that kinda stuff, of course."

I have spent a total of 22,463 hours of my life on the Counter-Strike game series as of 27/05/17. This is just over three years of my life wasted. I'm 22.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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Gulby 14 小时以前 
hot tbh
Kaybee 14 小时以前 
you know you liked it, our erp lasted 6 hours
iOrangeStain 22 小时以前 
Gulby 22 小时以前 
Yet you still are our friend
depressed draggo 22 小时以前 
I am not who I once was.
Neighbor 22 小时以前 
whatever you say then in that case, oh well