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Too afraid to look, too scared to miss it. We're night and day, solar eclipses. Caught up in your gravity, always end up lost in your wake. Intoxicating, maybe we can start it, start again.

Blinded, I can't do this on my own! You were all I had to guide me home! I could have lied awake just to watch you breathe, but in the dead of night, you went dark on me...

I tried to stay awake while you fell asleep... Still miles away from the company I keep... I honestly tried to keep you in mind... I know that I'm selfish and I know you did mind.... I was further in distance from you all the time.
I've been dragging my claws in attempts to leave tracks, hoping that someday soon I can follow them back to my old life, because we've both made mistakes and I'm paying for mine...

21, Male Dragon, Professional Fucking Retard
Avid Streamer on Twitch, YouTuber and ex-eSports player
Fucking retarded retard who pretends to be a retarded dragon
I have 0.8mb/ps internet speed so I usually have 140 - 200 ping on EU servers.
My birthday is on the 23rd of March.
Generally I believe I am a nice person, but I suffer with a horrible bunch of mental issues which often cause me to be a horrible person. I'm not very considerate of my actions most of the time and I accidentally do bad things.
I do care about my friends and their feelings and I do try to look after them. Though, that being said, I'm not the best at it.
I lose people's trust easy as shit but it takes me ages to gain any. Believe me, if you earn my trust and then lose it, you're probably not getting it back.
If someone pisses me off enough I block them permanently.
6,100+ people blocked as of current.

Skype ID is revanthedragon if anyone needs to talk to me... Not that anyone even wants me around anymore
Also got a crappy new discord server if anyone wants to join... notihing really goes on because it's pretty empty https://discord.gg/eDWbXBs
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Supreme! On the road back to Global again. I'll make it there someday, whether I am alone or not, I WILL make it!
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¤ STARSET | REVAN THE DRAGON ¤ 6 ώρες πριν 
No hard feelings.
Mouse 7 ώρες πριν 
It's not directed at you, don't worry.
¤ STARSET | REVAN THE DRAGON ¤ 7 ώρες πριν 
Well that's saddening.
Mouse 8 ώρες πριν 
I don't know anymore, to be honest with you.
¤ STARSET | REVAN THE DRAGON ¤ 8 ώρες πριν 
Feel better now?
Mouse 9 ώρες πριν