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Revanaska Varexakyta   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I am not who I am, I died a death of heroes and... I was lost, but... I was brave. I was the one they chose to stay. All these enigmatic dreams... Oh they fail to rescue me. All these enigmatic dreams...

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Flaming or trolling me will result in you being blocked PERMANENTLY.
6000 hours do not mean I am a pro, it means I enjoy the game. I am not global.
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I deleted my whole friendlist on the 4th of January. If you were removed, feel free to add me back. I will not be sending friend requests out to anyone. This is merely a test to see who actually takes notice of me. Those who do, will, in theory, add me back again, as they are free to do so.
^^^This action has once again been repeated on the 16th of January as barely anyone spoke to me.

Please keep in mind that you WILL BE REMOVED if you do not talk to me regularly or I feel like our friendship is unstable or just won't work out. I will however attempt to explain how I feel most of the time, and I always leave a message or a comment letting you know that I made my choice. However I do always give second chances, meaning if you want to try again, you can.

I'm sorry if I seem so "stuck up" and "egotistical", it really isn't that. I just don't like having people on my friendlist that show no interest in me. It hurts. I'm a kind person at heart, honestly, I'm just... broken.
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16th of January - Dragon appreiation day - But who actually aprpeciates me? lol
Sentry Gun ( SRS.Jman ) Il y a 8 heures 
added about gloves add on lounge
Over 30 people have been removed from my friendlist as they did not talk to me for longer than one week, or for personal reasons.
Yay blue dragons.
killie Il y a 14 heures 
wow the blue dragon talked do me well i'm a blue dragon too
Why thank you.