¡¿WhERe tHe fUkC I aM?!
"The fastest way to a dragon's heart is through its stomach, biologically and literally speaking, but I wouldn't really advise taking that path... Unless you're into that kinda stuff, of course."
I don't play games like I used to. I'm different now.

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Gulby 22 de mai às 0:45 
Here's hoping.
Neighbor 22 de mai às 0:24 
Damn, really hope in the long run he will be okay
¡¿WhERe tHe fUkC I aM?! 21 de mai às 21:09 
"I'm no hero. I'm just another dragon who's serving his own kind. I fight for you, Rex. I fight for my friends. I fight to serve my own kind. Without me --- without us, there might not be another tomorrow for you to look forward to. Stay behind me and keep your head down. We're in this together now. If I am to leave, you must fight for yourself. I'm no hero, but I can sure as hell be a teacher. If you find me deceased, take my tags, take my equipment. You saved me from death as a child. I'll save you in death as an adult." ~Revanaska Varexakyta

ZII, Arkanyl
Gulby 21 de mai às 20:48 
Hell yes. Not having that dragon arround just wouldn't feel right. Glad he's still gonna be arround, at least for some time.
¡¿WhERe tHe fUkC I aM?! 21 de mai às 20:31 
If it makes anyone feel any better, I sat down and had a chat with Revan and he said he just isn't ready to go yet. He says his duty protecting me isn't forfilled, and he won't rest until he feels like I have found someone who will truly protect me,

Revan's not leaving this early, he's just laying low and keeping me in his sights.
Certified Samurai_ 21 de mai às 9:42 
Rev, For focks sake add me