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I can fit three dragon dicks in my mouth   Gay, Orenburg, Russian Federation
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Your local gamer dragon, generally friendly, but can bite sometimes.
22 // Actual Real-Life Dragon // Disabled Gamer // Will eat you alive and whole

Hey, here's my discord server. Feel free to join it! [discord.gg] It's a free-to-use text and voice chat server, with image sharing and all that. It's also full of memes, pretty shit ones though. Mostly a place to hang out and play video games, or just roast each other.
Alternatively, you can add me on the following for contact outside of Steam:
Discord - RevanTheDragon#9149
Skype - RevanTheDragon

Friendlist reduced to zero on 27th May 2017. It was nothing against anyone, I just felt the need to remove everyone. You may add me back if you wish.

Sick of you, sick of me, sick of the person I used to be.
Who knew you'd be hated for being who you are?

"The fastest way to a dragon's heart is through its stomach, biologically and literally speaking, but I wouldn't really advise taking that path... Unless you're into that kinda stuff, of course."

I have wasted a total of 22,463 hours of my life on the Counter-Strike game series as of 27/05/17, counting hours from my old account lost in 2007. This is just over three years of my life wasted. I'm 22.

I prefer that people comment below somewhere before adding me. Preferably with a reason as to why they did, but it isn't required because I'll just ask you after accepting the request instead. Leave the word "cheesedragon" in your comment and I'll know you read this far and you might have a best friend. Belly rub for good luck kthx.

Life started with you, before you there was no meaning. Now that you're gone, who am I supposed to keep being?
My feet are on the edge, no one's here to pull me back from the ledge. The gun's against my head, no one's here to stop me from pulling the trigger. The noose is around my neck, no one's here to stop me from kicking that chair. The razor's in my hand, I want to do it now, but I'm so scared.
What if death is one long dreamless night? Maybe I gotta keep on living so that in my dreams, I can hold you again.

If a user named "Qurakin" adds you while you're on my friendlist, just block him. He will attempt to poison you with lies before begging you for ERP. He will also repeatedly spam you with voice chat requests because he seems to think that voice acting lies about me makes it more powerful with his fake crying. Says I did X and Y to him even though I only knew him for about half a fucking day before I removed him because he was annoying as fuck.

StatTrak SSG08 Dragonfire (FT+)
M4A1-S Icarus Fell (any)
Snakebite Bloodhound Gloves (any) or Pandora's Box Gloves (LOVE) (any)
Dragon (foil) stickers
AWP | Dragon Lore (MW+)
StatTrak Nova Hyper Beast (MW+)

give me money for csgo case videos xddd [www.paypal.me]
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three years later n yo're still stalking me kinda sad tbh
Ayumu 1 hour ago 
when ya steal a group's name and avatar n pretend you dont know what you did wrong
Ayumu 3 hours ago 
uncool dane 4 hours ago 
Fucking campers
¤ Revanaska Varexakyta ¤ Jun 24 @ 8:23am 
Fucking doge meme