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Unlocked Jan 21 @ 1:26pm

Lock And Load

Kill an enemy.

Crayon Box

Build and fly ship with more than 20 colors.

Declare War

Declare war with different faction.

I've Got Present For You

Detonate a warhead that kills you and another player.


Get within 5 meter radius of the monolith. *Monoliths have to be in the world on loading time

Number 5 Is Alive

Connect your suit to power with less than 1% power remaining in Survival.

Personality Crisis

Change astronaut style (color or skin) 20 times in 10 minutes.

Smile And Wave

Wave to an enemy that is also waving back within 5 meters looking at you in Survival.


Make peace with a faction.

Death Wish

Armageddon Mode for 5 hours in Survival.
0 / 300


Visit all planets and moons in Survival mode.
0 / 63

Giant Leap For Humankind

Walk 1969 meters on a Moon.
0 / 1,969

Going Green

Build 25 Solar Panels while playing in Survival Mode.
0 / 25

Lost In Space

Spend more than 1 hour out of sight of other players on a MP server.

Master Engineer

150+ hours.
1,301 / 9,000

The Bigger They Are

Build more than 1,000,000 Kg of cubes.
0 / 1,000,000

The Harder They Fall

Destroy more than 1,000,000 Kg of cubes.
0 / 1,000,000

The Story Begins

Finish the first campaign.